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Congratulations to 2021 Fellowship & Mitchell Prize Winners

The 2021 Mitchell Prize

The 2021 Mitchell Prize has been awarded to Dr. Megan Peiser (Oakland University) for her article in Romantic Textualities, “William Lane and the Minerva Press in the Review Periodical, 1790–1820.” Peiser’s article shows what periodical studies can do: it uses two lamentably understudied genres (the review and the Minerva output) and demonstrates that not only do both reward study, but they do so by illuminating new directions for each other.

The committee also recognized Women’s Periodicals and Print Culture, the 1690s-1820sedited by Jennie Batchelor and Manushag Powell with an honorable mention.

BSA Fellowships

The BSA Council, Officers, and members of the Fellowship Committee extend their congratulations and best wishes to this year’s Fellowship recipients. For the 2021 fellowship competition, the committee received 36 applications and awarded 19
fellowships: 12 fellowships funded by donors to address specific areas of bibliography, and 7 BSA short-term fellowships funded by the Society. As is traditional, topics that the committee selected included studies of British books and book trade as well as studies of medieval and renaissance manuscripts and a renaissance book collector. More diverse topics included excellent proposals relating to the history, experiences, and accomplishments of indigenous peoples in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Paraguay – and, last but not least – street lit and hop-hop.

The 2021 Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellow in the British Book Trades

Sandro Jung, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics: Eighteenth-Century British Regional Book Illustrations of Literature: Models, Production, and Commercial Use in the North of England

2021 Fellowship Recipients

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Amanda Arceneaux (Brown University), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: To Know an Herbe: Vernacular Herbal Manuscripts, 1570-1750

Carlos Diego Arenas Pacheco (University of Notre Dame), BSA-Pine Tree Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography: Indigenous Latinists: 16th-century books from Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco at the Sutro Library, San Francisco

James P. Ascher (University of Virginia), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Seventeenth-Century Printer’s Copy and Records at the Royal Society

Paulina Banas (Maryland Institute College of Art), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Visualizing Egypt: European Travel, Book Illustration, and the Marketing of the East in the 19th Century

Ellen Barth (University of Münster (WWU)), BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography: Women as Producers of American Community Cookbooks, 1950s to 1990s: Motivations and Materials

Patricia Andrea Dosio (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Sketching connections: reconstruction of the rioplatense cultural scene through the editions of Aquilino Fernández (1880-1930)

Anne Garner (Drew University), Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography: Recovering Feminine Cartographies: Women Wayfinders and ‘Vanishing Monuments’ in the Canadian Territories, 1795-1990

Ostap Kin (Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University), BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals: Poet’s Choice: Bohdan Boychuk’s Lost Anthology of Ukrainian Modernist Poetry

William Little (The Ohio State University), Caxton Club Fellowship for Midwestern Bibliographers: The Latin Poetry of Nallio Rainaldi of Tagliacozzo

Mark Mattes (University of Louisville), BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship: Archival Apocrypha: Indigenous Writing and the Figure of Logan in Colonial and Native American History

Lucy Mookerjee (The Norfolk Historical Society & Museum/Harvard University), BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals: The Itinerary of a Cookbook: Mapping the Cultural Routes of Morgan MS B.36 (An edition and analysis)

Yelda Nasifoglu (University of Oxford), Katharine Pantzer Junior Fellowship in the British Book Trades: Mathematics in Circulation in Late Seventeenth-Century London: Evidence from hammer copies of auction catalogues

Julie Park (New York University), BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century: Writing’s Maker: Inscribing the Self in the Eighteenth Century

Jacinta Saffold (University of New Orleans), Dorothy Porter Wesley Fellowship: Independent Hip Hop Production as Freedom Dreaming

Cecilia Sideri (University of Verona), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Reconstructing the Library and Reading Habits of the Renaissance Manuscript Collector and Calligraphist Marco Antonio Altieri (1450-1532)

Jessica Terekhov (Princeton University), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: The Life Cycle of the Part-Issued Victorian Novel

Fabián Vega (University of Buenos Aires), The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas: Books from the Guaraní Missions. Jesuit Libraries and Circulation of Knowledge in the South American Borderlands (18th Century)

Laura Viaut (University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Production and circulation of educational manuscripts of Roman-barbarian law in the early Middle Ages