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The 2024 Annual Fund

The Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) is a membership organization that has fostered the study of books and other textual artifacts since 1904. We believe that examining the lives of texts unlocks a new understanding of our global cultural heritage.

Help us elevate the study of textual artifacts as a critical component of humanistic study by giving to the Annual Fund.

The BSA’s events, awards and fellowship programs, and publications bring people together around a shared love of learning about why the books (and other things) that we read look and live the way they do. The work of our fellows, New Scholars, speakers, editors, and authors contributes to a growing body of humanistic knowledge that sees material artifacts of our culture as central to teaching, learning, and research.

If every BSA member and newsletter subscriber gave just $25, we would exceed our fundraising goal for this year by 100%. It is the generosity of this community that makes this work possible, and every gift counts. Give today by supporting the Annual Fund or becoming a member. We are so close to reaching our goal!!


Bibliographical Society of America is a federally-recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID #13-1632509). Donations made to BSA are tax-deducible to the fullest extent of the law. For more information, contact your financial advisor.

Please note that due to ongoing redesign and coding work on the Society’s website and recent changes to the Society’s fiscal year, individual gifts to the Annual Fund will not be recognized by name on this webpage in 2023. All individual contributors to the Annual Fund will be recognized by name or anonymously according to their wishes in the 2023 Annual Report (the first-ever for the Society!), which is due for delivery in late October.

Amount Raised


Goal: $37,000