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Call for Applications & Submissions: New Scholars, Fellowships, & Mitchell Prize

The BSA Fellowship and New Scholars Programs are now accepting applications, and submissions are sought for the 2024 William L. Mitchell Prize.

  • Established in 2000, the Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) New Scholars Program strives to welcome researchers who have not previously published, lectured, or taught on bibliographical subjects by nurturing and promoting their scholarship. Learn more  & apply by September 26, 2023. (Note: As of Sept. 6, the deadline has been extended from Sept. 5 to Sept. 26.)
  • Every year the BSA funds more than a dozen Fellowships to promote bibliographical research. Fellows’ projects may range chronologically from the study of clay tablets and papyrus rolls to contemporary literary texts and born-digital materials. Topics relating to material texts in any field and of any period are eligible for consideration as long as they include analysis of the physical object – that is, the handwritten, printed, or other textual artifact – as historical evidence. Learn more & apply by October 2, 2023.
  • The William L. Mitchell Prize serves as an encouragement to scholars engaged in bibliographical scholarship on 18th-century periodicals published in English or in any language (including indigenous languages) within the British Isles, its colonies, former colonies, and occupied territories including those in North America, Australia, the Caribbean, South Africa, and modern-day Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Learn more & apply by October 2, 2023.