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BSA 2020 Fellowship Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 Fellowship Award Winners, whose bibliographical research and scholarship will be supported by the Society and its partners:

Sarah Bramao-Ramos, “Readers of Manchu Language Books” (The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century)

Daniela Samur Duque, “The Allure of Books: Bookstores and Printshops in Bogotá, 1850s-1920” (The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography)

Jordana Dym and Carla Lois, “Bound Images: A History of Maps in Books” (The Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography)

Allison Fagan, “Editorial Intimacies, Posthumous Publishing and Toni Morrison’s edition of Toni Cade Bambara’s Those Bones Are Not My Child” (The BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship for Research in North American Bibliography)

Andrea Gutierrez, “Bibliography of the First Print Cookbooks in Tamil” (The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography)

Alexander Jacobson, “Tamizdat as Masquerade” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

John McQuillen,”The 15th -Century Blockbook in America: A Descriptive Census” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Kirk Melnikoff, “Bookselling in Early Modern England” (The Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellowship in the British Book Trades)

Kate Nesbit, “Listening to Books: Reading Aloud and the Novel, 1800-1935” (The Katharine Pantzer Junior Fellowship in the British Book Trades)

Yelizaveta Strakhov, “Representation of Translation by Scribes in Manuscripts of John Lydgate’s and Benedict Burgh’s Secrees of Olde Philosoffres” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Nazera Wright, “Early African American Women Writers and their Libraries” (The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas)

For a list of previous BSA Research Fellows and their research topics, follow this link.