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BSA Community Grants: Winners Announced

We are delighted to announce five winners of community grants in our recent pilot project. They are:

  • Katherine Alexander, Assistant Professor of Chinese at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Grant funds support workshops at UC Bolder introducing students and faculty to Chinese language print collections and the bibliographical analysis of Chinese books in Norlin Library.
  • Genevieve Coe, MLIS Candidate at the Pratt School of Information. Grantfunds offset the cost of a tour and printing demonstration at the Woodside Press, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
  • Mary Catherine Kinniburgh, Granary Books. Grant funds will support a small hands-on exhibition of theMaud/Olson Library in New York. The exhibition will also host a panel talk that discusses the role of bibliography within community-based special collections at CUNY’s Center for the Humanities in Fall 2019.
  • Allison McCormack, Original Cataloger for Special Collections at the University of Utah’s Marriott Library. Grant funds will sponsor a public event introducing faculty, students, and community members to print, manuscript, and archival special collections, with the intention of building awareness not only of collections themselves, but also of their broad accessibility.
  • Nick Wilding, Professor of History at Georgia State University. Grant funds will support a prize for undergraduate book collecting at Georgia State, specifically a talk at the awards ceremony by Rosa Duffy, visual artist and owner of the For Keeps bookshop in downtown Atlanta.