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Call for Nominations

The Bibliographical Society of America is looking for a new President and two new Council Members who will be elected at our Annual Meeting on 28 January 2022. The President serves for a two-year term, renewable once, and Council Members serve for a three-year term, renewable once. Please consider nominating yourself or other possible candidates! We strongly value the expertise and collegiality of all of our members and especially welcome nominees who represent the racial and ethnic diversity of bibliographic communities in the United States. The Nominating Committee seeks individuals who are committed to helping the Society fulfill the goals laid out in its Equity Action Plan.

Being on the Council is a commitment that requires attending, virtually or in person, three meetings each year, in January, April, and October. The 16 Members of the Council constitute the Society’s board of directors. At meetings, new initiatives are discussed, finances reviewed, proposals adopted, and committee and working group reports shared. Council Members are also invited to join committees and working groups based on their interests and experience. These smaller groups include Council Members and BSA members at large, and carry out priorities and work identified by the Council and the Executive Committee. We ask that Council members make a financial contribution to the Society to help us meet our goal of 100% participation among the Council in the annual fund, but there is no minimum contribution. Being a Council member is a great way to build relationships across a broad professional spectrum and looks great on your CV! More about the Council and the Officers may be seen here. Further information about the role of the President and Council Members and our Council orientation packet can be obtained by request from Executive Director Erin McGuirl.

Members of this year’s Nominating Committee are:

  • Heather Wolfe, Chair
  • Devin Fitzgerald
  • Mark Samuels Lasner
  • Naomi Nelson
  • Curtis Small

Please propose possible candidates, including yourself, before August 15 by contacting the Nominating Committee at You can also use this email address to ask questions about the election process and/or for more details about serving on the Council.

The Nominating Committee will review the nominations after August 15. Keeping in mind the current needs of the Council, we will speak with potential candidates and submit a slate for election at the January 2022 meeting. In future years we may transition to an election model that allows members to select among multiple candidates, rather than vote on a single slate.