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Recommend Titles to the ACLS Humanities Ebook Platform

What books published between 1990 and 2015 would you consider “essential” to your work or your understanding of bibliography?

In 2022 the Bibliographical Society of America added a new benefit for members, discounted access to the ACLS Humanities Ebook Collection (ACLS HEB) at the rate of $25/year. We are gearing up to add value to that membership benefit by recommending new titles for digitization and inclusion to actively curate the collection. We want your help!

Suggest titles for the ACLS HEB

As the only ebook collection curated by scholars, for scholars, ACLS HEB depends on the member societies of ACLS like the BSA in selecting new titles and curating the collection over time. The BSA Publications Committee recently formed a new sub-committee to propose new titles for inclusion in the collection. While the process is slow – after proposals from societies are received they are further curated by the collection curator at Michigan, after which licensing and copyright negotiations begin – we are eager to take advantage of this opportunity to make bibliographical literature available to our members and to readers around the globe who have access to the platform through their regional, academic, or private libraries.

By engaging in this process and opening it up to you, our members and friends, BSA hopes to expand access to the high-quality bibliographical scholarship that has been at the center of our mission for over a century. The survey takes just a moment – please contribute!

Suggest titles for the ACLS HEB

University of Michigan Publishing offers guidelines for the selection of titles for inclusion, which we recommend that you consult before making your recommendation. For a variety of reasons, Michigan is easer to add books published between 1990 and 2015, but books published earlier can be considered if they are essential to work in the discipline. Multiple submissions (within reason!) are welcome.