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Letter from the Incoming Executive Director

Dear Members of the Bibliographical Society of America:

It is my great pleasure to write to you as the new Executive Director of the BSA.

I am honored to be at the helm with Council and Officers as we enter a new phase of growth in bibliographical community. Under the steadfast leadership of Presidents Martin Antonetti and now, Barbara Shailor, our organization has developed and is now implementing new statements of mission and values to guide us in our work to play a more visible role in the larger scholarly community. My colleagues I will look to these words, and hope that you will, too, as we explore new ways to expand and diversify our membership, enhance programming, create a stronger and more communicative presence online, and forge new partnerships with other scholarly organizations and societies.

In my vision of our future, the BSA will carry forward a rigorous tradition of bibliographical scholarship by building a broader community of vibrant practitioners from across professions, scholarly disciplines, and cultural backgrounds. Engaging a new generation of scholars in disciplines outside of our traditional home in the English department will position the material text in interdisciplinary discourse about the texts that have defined and continue to shape our cultures, from papyri to born digital materials. 

I write you from my Brooklyn office with sleeves rolled up. There is much to do, and for the past four weeks I have been busy adjusting to my new role and getting down to business. There are exciting things on the horizon! We are working on a new brochure, and a membership management system offering digital access to PBSA and tools to maintain your membership online. President Barbara Shailor, Programs Chair Sonja Drimmer, and New Scholars Chair Barbara Heritage I are busy preparing an exciting program for our Annual meeting this January.

In the weeks and months ahead I look forward to connecting with all of you to learn more about the future of bibliography, and the Bibliographical Society of America, as you see it. I also look forward to getting to know you, your bibliographical work, and working together to promote bibliography and build our community.

Erin Schreiner