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Call for Nominations to Council Class of 2024

At our Annual Meeting on 29 January 2021, this year held remotely, the Bibliographical Society of America will elect a single member for the Council Class of 2024. Three members of the Council Class of 2021, Nick Wilding, Thomas Goldwasser, and Adam Hooks, will stand for reelection to second terms, making them three-quarters of the Class of 2024. Michael F. Suarez, S.J., is cycling off; we therefore seek only one candidate. In keeping with the Society’s commitment to inclusivity, we seek an individual who will help the Council come closer to representing the racial and ethnic diversity of bibliographic communities in the United States.

The Councilors and the Officers of the BSA support the mission and values of the Society by volunteering their time and experience. This position requires active participation throughout the year, not just at the time of the Annual Meeting. The Council is composed of three four-member classes, each serving a term of three years, renewable once. More about the Council and the Officers may be seen here.

Members of this year’s Nominating Committee include Elizabeth Denlinger, Chair; Jose Guerrero; E. Haven Hawley; and Michael F. Suarez, S.J. Propose possible candidates, including yourself, before November 16 by contacting the Nominating Committee at