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PBSA to be published by the University of Chicago Press

We are pleased to announce that the Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) and the University of Chicago Press (UCP) have entered into an agreement whereby UCP will assume all responsibilities for the production, marketing, and distribution of our journal, the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (PBSA), commencing with volume 109 (2015). There will be no change in the editorial control of PBSA, which remains under the direction of editor David Gants. We expect this relationship will bring significant benefits to BSA by furthering the our scholarly mission of promoting bibliographical research, as well as enhancing our financial assets. Over the next months, you will be receiving more details about additional benefits for individual BSA members resulting from this partnership with UCP.
This agreement constitutes a major step forward in the BSA’s publications program and will undoubtedly have many positive consequences for scholarship in our field.