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Sponsor the 2022 Annual Meeting & Bibliography Week Events

Booksellers are among the most prolific users of the bibliographical work the BSA supports, and the vital nexus through which passes so much of humanity’s primary source material. As such, we hope you’ll consider sponsoring the BSA Annual Meeting and Bibliography Week events, this January 25-28. Our menu of opportunities presents a broad range of sponsorship levels, offering benefits for every budget.

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After the record-breaking attendance of 2021’s virtual Bibliography Week, which drew more than 700 registrants, our next Annual Meeting will blend both virtual and in-person events to engage the largest possible audience. The BSA is also coming off the heels of a membership drive that boosted membership by 10% in just 2 weeks. In short, sponsorship will put you before one of the country’s fastest-growing and most diverse crowds of the bibliographically inclined: librarians and curators, many of them with acquisition responsibilities; private collectors, including members of bibliophilic organizations with strong BSA ties; academics, including those who collaborate with their librarians; booksellers like yourself, who work with them all; and of course students, the future of our entire ecosystem.

Beyond the promotional opportunity, we hope you’ll also consider sponsoring the Annual Meeting or a Bibliography Week event to show your support for our mission and values. The BSA is committed to bringing new voices to the bibliographical world, evidenced not least by the society’s active programming, new partnerships with allied organizations, and our recent establishment of the Dorothy Porter Wesley Fellowship to support Black bibliographers. And the BSA is committed to expanding access: the Annual Meeting is completely free, and its virtual option eliminates the all-too-common travel barrier. Anyone can attend. 

So please take a look at the menu below and consider showing your support, both for the work we do and the values we embrace. It’s a cliché in the fundraising world, but it’s true in our case: there’s really never been a better time. The BSA is experiencing exceptional growth, and this year’s sponsors will benefit from the society’s greatest exposure and engagement yet.

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