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2016 Fellowship Winners Announced

The winners of BSA’s fellowships for 2016 were announced at the Annual Meeting on January 29, 2016, in New York City. Awards were made to 12 scholars from four countries on a wide range of bibliographical topics.

Hannah Alpert-Abrams, University of Texas, Austin, for “Legacies of Colonial Mexican Printing: The Taller Martin Pescador” (BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography)

Giles Bergel for “A Digital Catalogue of the Charnley-Dodd Woodblocks” (Katharine Pantzer Fellowship in the British Book Trades)

Pierre Delsaerdt, University of Antwerp, for “Researching provenance information in the Arenberg Library, now in the Library of Congress, Washington” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

Andrew Keener, Northwestern University, for “Staging Translation: Cosmopolitan Vernaculars in Shakespeare’s England” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

Mike Kelly, Amherst College, for “A Bibliography of Samson Occom’s A Sermon Preached at the Execution of Moses Paul” (Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas)

Adam Komisaruk, West Virginia University, for “Erasmus Darwin’s “The Botanic Garden”:  A Critical Edition” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century)

Zoe Langer, Italian Studies, Brown University, for “Measuring Dante’s Inferno: Maps of Hell in Renaissance Books and Prints 1500-1750” (Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography)

Sarah Lindenbaum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for “Reconstructing the Library and Reading Habits of Early Modern Book Collector Frances Wolfreston” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

James Poskett, University of Cambridge, for “Printing Useful Knowledge in the Transatlantic World, 1828-1845” (McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States)

Christy Pottroff, Fordham University, for “Early American Women’s Literature, Letters, and the Post Office, 1790-1865” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship in North American Bibliography)

Natale Vacalebre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, for “Books Production and Distribution Between Venice and the Papal States in the Late Sixteenth Century: The Case of Luciano Pasini” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

J. Christopher Warner, Le Moyne College, for “Seditious Books from Across the Sea: John Fowler in the Low Countries’ Book Trade” (Katharine Pantzer Senior Fellowship in Bibliography and the British Book Trades)

See the complete list of previous fellowship winners here.