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Save the date: the 2015 Annual Meeting

The next Annual Meeting of the Bibliographical Society of America will take place on Friday, January 23 at 4:00 pm at the Cosmopolitan Club, 122 East 66th Street, New York. The business meeting will include an address by Craig Kallendorf entitled The Medium Is the Message: Printing the Classics, from the Hand Press to the Computer Age. Professor Kallendorf’s talk will be followed by a gala reception.

The Annual Meeting will be preceded by the Annual New Scholars Program at 2:00 in the same location. This year’s New Scholars are:

Aaron T. Pratt of Yale University (the Pantzer New Scholar)
Cheap Print, Playbooks, and the Advent of English Literature

Jeffrey Makala of University of South Carolina (the Malkin New Scholar)
Print on Demand: Stereotyping and Electrotyping in Nineteenth-Century America

Huub van der Linden of University College Roosevelt
Printing Music in Early Eighteenth-century Italy: Workshop Practices at the Silvani Firm in Bologna