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Fellowships: Previous Recipients


Talea Anderson, Washington State University, “William Moon and the Creation of Tactile Print for the Blind Working Classes”, BSA Short-Term Fellowship

Claire M.L. Bourne, Pennsylvania State University, Accidental Shakespeare”, The Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellowship in the British Book Trade

Norah Epstein, University of St Andrews, “Visual Commonplacing: The Transmission and Reception of Printed Devotional Images in Reformed England”, The Caxton Club Fellowship for Midwestern Bibliographers

Suzan Folkerts, Bibliotheek Deventer, “Manuscript Production in Late Medieval Deenter”, BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals

Sonia Hazard, Florida State University, “Christianity and the Book in the Cherokee Diaspora, 1828-1861”, The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas

Elena Lolli, Oxford University, “Rewriting Jewish Moneylending History Beyond Stereotypes: The Business of Pawnbroking in Early Modern Italy Through the Analysis of the Newly Discovered Hebrew Account Books”, BSA Short-Term Fellowship

Yolanda Makey, Pennsylvania State University, “Recovering and Reclaiming Claude McKay’s Lost Novel(s) Amiable with Big Teeth“, The BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship

Helen B. K. Marodin, University of South Carolina, “Exploring the National Library in Rio de Janeiro: Modernity and Brazilian Culinary Literature”, The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography

Katie Mitchell, Bookseller @ Good Books Atlanta,“Prose to the People: An Exploration of Black Bookstores”, The Dorothy Porter Wesley Fellowship

Andrea Pérez, Universidad Anáhuac, México, “Genre-Configuration Through Materiality in 17th Century Mexican Printed Books: A Study of printed Poetic Contests (and Other Textual Genres)”, The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography

Michele Pflug, University of Oregon, ‘‘In Pursuit of Butterflies’: Gender, Madness, and Natural History in the English Countryside, 1655-1715″, The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century

Dominique Polanco, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University “Copying the Colony: The Pintura del gobernador, alcaldes y regidores de México’s Many Editions”, The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography

Stanislav Voloshchenko, Orthodox Church of Ukraine Mission, ‘Handwritten and printed heritage of the Kyiv Church: archives, libraries, and museums’, “Cyrillic Acts and the Epistles of the Apostles of the fifteenth-seventeenth cent. at the National Library of Poland (text, territory, and human)”, BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals

Molly Yarn, Independent Scholar, “Women Printers and the English Book Trade, 1640-1665”, The Katharine F. Pantzer Junior Fellowship in the British Book Trade


Rose Byfleet, University of London (Birkbeck College), “‘Libri profumati’: Caterina Sforza and the origin of perfume at the Medici fonderia”, The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography

Lindsey Eckert, Florida State University, “Odious! in boards’: Byron, John Murray, and Binding Poetry”, The Katharine Pantzer Junior Fellowship in the British Book Trades

Emily Floyd, University College London, “Jesuits, Saints, and Regional Exchange: Eighteenth-Century Printing in Quito”, The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas

Laura Helton, University of Delaware, “Black Lyric Bibliography: Catherine Latimer’s Poetry and Songs Index”, BSA Short Term Fellowship

Sarah Heying, University of Mississippi, “Jewelle Gomez’s Speculative Archive of Queer Afro-Indigenous Vampire Mythology”, The BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship

Tom Hillard, Boise State University, “Sally Sayward Wood: A Bibliographical Study and Critical Edition”, The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century

Renske Hoff, Utrecht University, “Between making and using: the performativity and functionality of Dutch ‘hybrid books’ around the turn of the sixteenth century”, BSA Short Term Fellowship

Charles Johanningsmeier, University of Nebraska at Omaha, “American Literature Goes Global: Tauchnitz’s ‘Collection of British and American Authors'”, The Caxton Club Fellowship for Midwestern Bibliographers

Sara Johnson, University of California San Diego, “Moreau de Saint-Méry: A Slaveholding Bibliophile”, The Dorothy Porter Wesley Fellowship

Matilde Malaspina, University of Copenhagen, “Escritos de mano, de muy mala letra’: A study of the rough copy of Hernando Colón’s Libro de los Epítomes“, The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography

Vaibhav Singh, University of Reading, “Lithography in nineteenth century Marathi printing and publishing”, BSA Short Term Fellowship

Maria Beliaeva Solomon, University of Maryland, “Recovering the Revue des colonies (1834-1842): the first French periodical for and by people of color”, BSA Short Term Fellowship

Saeko Suzuki, University of British Columbia, “The Representation of a Woman in Woodblock-Print Illustrated Books: A Political Device in Mid-Nineteenth Century Japan”, The BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals

Roberto Chauca Tapia, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), “A River of Names”, The Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography

Krystle Trevisan, Anna Scala, & Marco Palma, various institutions, “Incunabula in Malta”, The BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals


Sandro Jung (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellow in the British Book Trades: Eighteenth-Century British Regional Book Illustrations of Literature: Models, Production, and Commercial Use in the North of England

Amanda Arceneaux (Brown University), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: To Know an Herbe: Vernacular Herbal Manuscripts, 1570-1750

Carlos Diego Arenas Pacheco (University of Notre Dame), BSA-Pine Tree Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography: Indigenous Latinists: 16th-century books from Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco at the Sutro Library, San Francisco

James P. Ascher (University of Virginia), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Seventeenth-Century Printer’s Copy and Records at the Royal Society

Paulina Banas (Maryland Institute College of Art), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Visualizing Egypt: European Travel, Book Illustration, and the Marketing of the East in the 19th Century

Ellen Barth (University of Münster (WWU)), BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography: Women as Producers of American Community Cookbooks, 1950s to 1990s: Motivations and Materials

Meghan Constantinou (The Grolier Club), the Fredson Bowers Award: The Library Catalogues of the Elliots of Minto: A Scottish Aristocratic Library in Context, 1738-1938

Patricia Andrea Dosio (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Sketching connections: reconstruction of the rioplatense cultural scene through the editions of Aquilino Fernández (1880-1930)

Anne Garner (Drew University), Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography: Recovering Feminine Cartographies: Women Wayfinders and ‘Vanishing Monuments’ in the Canadian Territories, 1795-1990

Ostap Kin (Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University), BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals: Poet’s Choice: Bohdan Boychuk’s Lost Anthology of Ukrainian Modernist Poetry

William Little (The Ohio State University), Caxton Club Fellowship for Midwestern Bibliographers: The Latin Poetry of Nallio Rainaldi of Tagliacozzo

Mark Mattes (University of Louisville), BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship: Archival Apocrypha: Indigenous Writing and the Figure of Logan in Colonial and Native American History

Lucy Mookerjee (The Norfolk Historical Society & Museum/Harvard University), BSA Peck-Stacpoole Fellowship for Early Career Collections Professionals: The Itinerary of a Cookbook: Mapping the Cultural Routes of Morgan MS B.36 (An edition and analysis)

Yelda Nasifoglu (University of Oxford), Katharine Pantzer Junior Fellowship in the British Book Trades: Mathematics in Circulation in Late Seventeenth-Century London: Evidence from hammer copies of auction catalogues

Julie Park (New York University), BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century: Writing’s Maker: Inscribing the Self in the Eighteenth Century

Jacinta Saffold (University of New Orleans), Dorothy Porter Wesley Fellowship: Independent Hip Hop Production as Freedom Dreaming

Cecilia Sideri (University of Verona), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Reconstructing the Library and Reading Habits of the Renaissance Manuscript Collector and Calligraphist Marco Antonio Altieri (1450-1532)

Jessica Terekhov (Princeton University), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: The Life Cycle of the Part-Issued Victorian Novel

Fabián Vega (University of Buenos Aires), The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas: Books from the Guaraní Missions. Jesuit Libraries and Circulation of Knowledge in the South American Borderlands (18th Century)

Laura Viaut (University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne), BSA Short-Term Fellowship: Production and circulation of educational manuscripts of Roman-barbarian law in the early Middle Ages


Sarah Bramao-Ramos, “Readers of Manchu Language Books” (The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century)

Daniela Samur Duque, “The Allure of Books: Bookstores and Printshops in Bogotá, 1850s-1920” (The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography)

Jordana Dym and Carla Lois, “Bound Images: A History of Maps in Books” (The Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography)

Allison Fagan, “Editorial Intimacies, Posthumous Publishing and Toni Morrison’s edition of Toni Cade Bambara’s Those Bones Are Not My Child”(The BSA-St. Louis Mercantile Library Fellowship for Research in North American Bibliography)

Andrea Gutierrez, “Bibliography of the First Print Cookbooks in Tamil” (The BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography)

Alexander Jacobson, “Tamizdat as Masquerade” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

John McQuillen,”The 15th -Century Blockbook in America: A Descriptive Census” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Kirk Melnikoff, “Bookselling in Early Modern England” (The Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellowship in the British Book Trades)

Kate Nesbit, “Listening to Books: Reading Aloud and the Novel, 1800-1935” (The Katharine Pantzer Junior Fellowship in the British Book Trades)

Yelizaveta Strakhov, “Representation of Translation by Scribes in Manuscripts of John Lydgate’s and Benedict Burgh’s Secrees of Olde Philosoffres” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Nazera Wright, “Early African American Women Writers and their Libraries” (The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas)


Caroline Barta, University of Texas at Austin: “Kitchen Literature: A Biography of the Cookbook” (Pine Tree Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography)

Ainoa Castro Correa, Universidad de Salamanca: “The Book Before The Book” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Hwisang Cho, Emory University: “Writing in Squares: The Eurasian Nexus in Korean Buddhist Textuality” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Stephanie Frampton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “Cicero’s Library: The Roman Book and the Making of the Classics” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Rodney Kite-Powell, Tampa History Center: “Collectors’ Bias in Assembling a Map Collection” (Charles J. Tannenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography)

Carson Koepke, Yale University: “The Role of Tironian Notes in Early Medieval Educational Culture” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Eric Lamore, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez: “Abigail Field Mott’s 1829 Abridged Edition of Olaudah Equiano’s Interesting Narrative: A Critical Edition” (Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in America)

Jill Falcon Mackin, Edna Manitowabi, & Tasha Beeds, Montana State University: “Anishinaabe Movement Through a Sacred Landscape: Red Sky’s Birchbark Scrolls” (Charles J. Tannenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography and the Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in America)

Matthew da Mota, University of Toronto: BSA-Rare Book School Fellowship

Megan Peiser & Emily Spunaugle, Oakland University: “Gender, Disability, and Finding Women in the Archives: Establishing the Provenance of the Marguerite Hicks Collection, 1660-1820” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century)

Jane Raisch, University of York: “Unmasking the First Facsimiles (1500-1800)” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Anna Reynolds, University of Oxford & University of York: “Binding Waste in Early Modern England” (Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellowship in Bibliography & The British Book Trades)

Lorenzo di Tommaso, Concordia University: “Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius in Mediaeval Spain” (Pine Tree Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography)

Janet Tyson, : “A Curious Undertaking: The Collaborative Making of a Herbal in Georgian Britain” (Katharine F. Pantzer Junior Fellowship in Bibliography & The British Book Trades)

Andrea Van Leerdam, Utrecht University: “Woodcuts as reading aids: Illustrations and knowledge transfer in Netherlandish medical-astrological books, 1500-1550” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)

Caroline Wigginton, University of Mississippi: “Indigenuity: Native Craftwork and the Material of Early American Books” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship in North American Bibliography)

Matthew Wills, University of California San Diego: “Mediating the Message: Book Culture and Propaganda in Mao’s China” (BSA Short Term Fellowship)


Cathleen Baker, University of Michigan (Emerita): “New Research into John Baskerville’s Virgil (1757)” (Katharine Pantzer Senior Fellowship in Bibliography and the British Book Trades).

Richard Calis, Princeton University: “Early Modern Codicology: the case of Martin Crusius” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Anny Gaul, Georgetown University: “From ‘Master of Cooks’ to ‘Fundamentals of Cooking’ : A History of Early Arabic Print Cookbooks” (BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography).

Brett Greatley-Hirsch, University of Leeds: “James Shirley’s Hyde Park: A Critical Edition” (BSA-Harry Ransom Center Pforzheimer Fellowship in Bibliography).

Soren Hammerschmidt, Arizona State University: “Modular Pope: Letters, Portraits, and Recycled Print” (ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century).

Adam Hooks, University of Iowa: “Counting Shakespeare” (Katharine Pantzer Fellowship in the British Book Trades).

S.C. Kaplan, Rice University: “Se livre est a madame de Bourbon’: Agnès de Bourgogne, Duchess of Bourbon (1434-1456) and the Female Cultural Networks of Bourbon and Burgundy in the 15th Century” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Kaja Marczewska, University of Westminster: “Anti-book and 1970s self-publishing practices in the USA” (Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas).

Julia Mattison, University of Toronto: “The Circulation of French Manuscripts in England” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Alessandro Meregaglia, Boise State University: “Caxton Printers of Idaho and the Development of Regional Publishers in the American West” (BSA Travel Grant).

Simon Rowberry, University of Stirling: “Digital Publishing Before the Web” (McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States).

Chet Van Duzer, Independent: “Venturing into Unexplored Bibliographical Territory: Cartographic Cartouches” (Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography funded by the Pine Tree Foundation).

Tali Winkler, University of Chicago: “The Role of Early Modern German Book Fairs in Jewish Economic, Cultural, and Intellectual Life” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Corinna Zeltsman, Georgia Southern University: “Ink Under the Fingernails: Printers and Liberalism in 19th-Century Mexico” (BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography).


Sandie Blaise, Duke University, for “Transnational Trickster: Publishing, Distributing and Representing Dany Laferriere in Haiti and the Unequal Francophone Space” (Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography ).

Martin Bruckner, University of Delaware, for “Publishing History of Object Narratives in America, 1775-1914” (Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography ).

Steffi Dippold, Kansas State University, for “To Judge A Book By Its Cover: The Matriarchive of the Wampanoag Bible” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Mary Franklin-Brown, University of Minnesota, for “The Roman Calendar After Rome” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Emilie Hardman, Houghton Library, and Laura Miller, Brandeis University, for “The Publishing and Politics of American Vegetarian Cookbooks from the Nineteenth Century to the Present” (BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Culinary Bibliography).

Aurelie Iphigenie Martin, Ligatus Research Centre, for “Bindings found on John Baskerville’s editions in American Collections: Study of the market for Baskerville printing work in Europe and America” (Katharine Pantzer Fellowship in the British Book Trades).

Matthew Payne, Westminster Abbey, for “The Books of Robert Fabyan (c.1450-1513)” (Katharine Pantzer Senior Fellowship).

Daniele Pellacani, University of Bologna, for “Between Poetry and Pictures” (Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography ).

Renée Jennifer Raphael, University of California, Irvine , for “Mining Texts and Mining Ores” (BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography).

Loreto Romero Martinez-Eiroa, University of Virginia, for “Early Modern Spanish Books as Cultural Artifacts” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Holly Shaffer, Dartmouth College, for “Lucknow: City of the Senses in Late Mughal India” (BSA Short Term Fellowship).

Michael Pierce Williams, Carnegie Mellon University, for “Impolite Science” (ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century).


Hannah Alpert-Abrams, University of Texas, Austin, for “Legacies of Colonial Mexican Printing: The Taller Martin Pescador” (BSA-Pine Tree Foundation Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography)

Giles Bergel, University of Oxford, for “A Digital Catalogue of the Charnley-Dodd Woodblocks” (Katharine Pantzer Fellowship in the British Book Trades)

Pierre Delsaerdt, University of Antwerp, for “Researching Provenance Information in the Arenberg Library, now in the Library of Congress, Washington” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

Andrew Keener, Northwestern University, for “Staging Translation: Cosmopolitan Vernaculars in Shakespeare’s England” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

Mike Kelly, Amherst College, for “A Bibliography of Samson Occom’s A Sermon Preached at the Execution of Moses Paul(Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas)

Adam Komisaruk, West Virginia University, for “Erasmus Darwin’s ‘The Botanic Garden’:  A Critical Edition” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century)

Zoe Langer, Brown University, for “Measuring Dante’s Inferno: Maps of Hell in Renaissance Books and Prints, 1500-1750” (Charles J. Tanenbaum Fellowship in Cartographical Bibliography)

Sarah Lindenbaum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for “Reconstructing the Library and Reading Habits of Early Modern Book Collector Frances Wolfreston” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

James Poskett, University of Cambridge, for “Printing Useful Knowledge in the Transatlantic World, 1828-1845” (McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States)

Christy Pottroff, Fordham University, for “Early American Women’s Literature, Letters, and the Post Office, 1790-1865” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship in North American Bibliography)

Natale Vacalebre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, for “Books Production and Distribution Between Venice and the Papal States in the Late Sixteenth Century: The Case of Luciano Pasini” (BSA Short-term Fellowship)

J. Christopher Warner, Le Moyne College, for “Seditious Books from Across the Sea: John Fowler in the Low Countries’ Book Trade” (Katharine Pantzer Senior Fellowship in Bibliography and the British Book Trades)


Claire Bourne, Virginia Commonwealth University, “’Set Forth as It Hath Been Played’: Printing the Performance in Early Modern England” (Pantzer Fellowship)

Anna Gialdini, University of the Arts, London, “A Material, Historical and Anthropological Analysis of Greek-style Bookbindings in Renaissance Venice” (Short-term Fellowship)

Sonia Hazard, Duke University, “The American Tract Society and the Materiality of Print in Antebellum America” (McCorison Fellowship)

Katherine Hindley, Yale University, “The Use of Unread Words for Protection and Healing in Medieval England” (Short-term Fellowship)

Kathryn James, Beinecke Library, Yale University, “Remembering the Dissolution” (Short-term Fellowship)

Rachael King, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Richard Steele, Gazetteer” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship)

Gregory Mackie, University of British Columbia, “Authenticating Oscar Wilde” (Short-term Fellowship)

Katherine Parker, University of Pittsburgh, “Maps, Minds and the Pacific: The Production of Geographic Knowledge in Eighteenth-century Britain” (Tanenbaum Fellowship)

David Shaw, retired, “The Bibliography of Juvenal to 1600” (Folter Fellowship)

Mark Towsey, University of Liverpool, “The History of Reading in the Anglophone Atlantic between 1750 and the 1820” (Pantzer Senior Fellowship)


Tamara Atkin, University of London, “Play and Book: Drama, Reading, and the Invention of the Literary in Tudor England” (Short-term Fellowship)

Andrew Bricker, Stanford University, “The Eighteenth-Century Illicit Book Trade” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship)

Sonja Drimmer, University of Massachusetts Amherst, “The Professionalization of Manuscript Illuminators in Late Medieval London” (Short-term Fellowship)

John Garcia, University of California, Berkeley, “John Dunton’s A Summer’s Ramble: The Unpublished Narrative of a Bookseller’s Travels in the Atlantic World, 1685-1705″ (Pantzer Fellowship)

Daniel Hobbins, University of Notre Dame, “Authorial Colophons in Late Medieval Manuscripts” (Folter Fellowship)

Robert Imes, University of Saskatchewan, “Chorography and Cartography: Domestic Travels, Domestic Maps” (Tanenbaum Fellowship)

Heike Jablonski, Heidelberg University, “John Foxe in America: Publishing, Distributing, and Reading the Book of Martyrs in the United States” (McCorison Fellowship)

Gary Kurutz, California State Library, “Klondike & Alaska Gold Rushes: Descriptive Bibliography” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship)

Amanda Laugesen, Australian National Dictionary Centre, “Books for the World: The Franklin Book Program, American Publishers, and the Global Cultural Cold War” (Reese Fellowship)

Michelle Levy, Simon Fraser University, “Women’s Print History Project, 1750-1830” (Senior Pantzer Fellowship)

Jack Lynch, Rutgers University, “The Shakespeare Phantom: The Lives of William Henry Ireland” (Short-term Fellowship)

Philip Palmer, University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Copious Book, Book in Pieces: Material Readings of Thomas Coryate and the Early English Travelogue” (Short-term Fellowship)


Diane Booton, independent scholar, “A Publication History of an Early Modern Best-Seller: Jean Meschinot’s Les Lunettes des Princes (Short-term Fellowship) 

Denise Gigante, Stanford University, “The Book Madness: A Story of Book Collectors in America” (Reese Fellowship)

Glenda Goodman, Colburn Conservatory, “The Economy of Accomplishments: Women and Music in the Early American Republic” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship)

Scott Gwara, University of South Carolina, “Medieval Manuscripts in Nineteenth-Century America: The Andrew Dickson White Library at Cornell University in Historical Context” (Folter Fellowship)

Ruth Panofsky, Ryerson University, “Women in English-Language Book Publishing in Canada, 1900-2000” (McCorison Fellowship)

Matthew Rubery, University of London, “The American Foundation for the Blind and Library of Congresss Talking Book Library” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship) 

David Shields, Virginia Commonwealth University, “Building a Conspectus of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Wood Type” (Short-term Fellowship)

Daniel Smith, University College London, “Surviving books from the library of Edward, second Viscount Conway, at the Armagh Public Library, Northern Ireland” (Pantzer Fellowship) 

Antonio Stramaglia, University of Cassino, “Ancient Greek Comic Books” (Short-term Fellowship)


Linde Brocato, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Reading Juan de Mena: Production, Use, and Context of Editions of His Works (15th-19th Centuries)” (Short-term Fellowship)

James Carley, York University, “Archbishop William Sancroft’s Abstractions from Lambeth Palace Library” (Pantzer Senior Fellowship)

Godfried Croenen, University of Liverpool, “Workshops, exemplars and the production of illustrated copies of Froissart’s Chronicles in early 15th-century Paris” (Short-term Fellowship)

Kyle Dugdale, Yale School of Architecture, “The (Incomplete) Publication of Uriel Birnbaum’s Der Kaiser und der Architekt” (Short-term Fellowship)

Galia Halpern, Institute of Fine Arts, “Language and Landscapes Beyond the Library of Charles V of France” (Tanenbaum Fellowship)

Maura C. Ives, “Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market: A Publishing History” (Fredson Bowers Award)

Joseph Rezek, Boston University, “Tales from Elsewhere: The Aesthetics of Provinciality and the Book Trade in Ireland, Scotland, and the United States, 1801-1832” (Pantzer Fellowship)

Martha Scotford, North Carolina State University, “Ernst Reichl: Modern American Trade Book Designer” (Reese Fellowship)

Trish Travis, University of Florida, “The American Book Publishers Council: A Brief (and Political) History” (McCorison Fellowship)

Anne Weinshenker, Montclair State University, “Images of the ‘Worthies’: McSwiny’s Publication” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship)


Hester Blum, Penn State University, “Arctic and Antarctic Circles: The Print Culture of Polar Exploration” (McCorison Fellowship)

Jeremy Dibbell, Massachusetts Historical Society, “Books in Bermuda: The First Two Centuries” (BSA-ASECS Fellowship)

Liangyu Fu, University of Pittsburgh, “British Science Books that were Translated in China during the Nineteenth Century” (Short-term Fellowship)

Abhijit Gupta, Jadavpur University, “A History of the Baptist Mission Press in Serampore, India” (Short-term Fellowship)

Earle Havens, Johns Hopkins University, “Illicit Printing, Book Smuggling, and Scribal Publication by the Elizabethan Catholic Underground, 1558-1603” (Pantzer Senior Fellowship)

Laura Helton, New York University, “Cataloging the Race: Dorothy Porter and African American Bibliographical Practice” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship)

Lise Jaillant, University of British Columbia, “‘Highbrow,’ ‘Middlebrow,’ or ‘Modern?’ Random House, the Modern Library, and the Academic Market, 1925-1955” (Reese Fellowship)

Michael Johnson, “Scribal Production and Readership of Middle English Romance” (Fredson Bowers Award)

Joad Raymond, University of East Anglia, “An Edition of John Milton’s Latin Defences” (Short-term Fellowship)

Madeleine Thompson, Indiana University, “Elkin Mathews and the ‘First Edition Mania,’ 1890-1930” (Pantzer Fellowship)


Troy Bassett, Indiana-Purdue, for research on the serialization of three-volume Victorian novels. (Fredson Bowers Award)

Meaghan Brown, Florida State University, “Publishing the Spanish Armada: Printing the Authorized Version” (Short-term Fellowship)

Kathryn Gucer, Northwestern University, “Revolution across the Channel: Cross-Cultural Information Exchange between Early Modern England and Europe” (Pantzer Senior Fellowship)

Jacob Heil, Texas A&M University, “Making John Donne’s Poems (1633)” (Pantzer Fellowship)

Stephen Lubell, University of London, “Sixteenth-Century Hebrew Typography: the Le Be Type Specimens in the Bibliothque Nationale” (Short-term Fellowship)

Thomas McSweeny, Cornell University, “England’s First Case Law: Constructing Judicial Authority through the Layout of the Page” (Short-term Fellowship)

Willa Silverman, Penn State University, “The Japanese Library of Henri Vever” (Short-term Fellowship)

Sarah Wadsworth, Marquette University, “First American Novel?: Physical Evidence for Dating the Manuscript of Mr. Penrose: The Journal of Penrose, Seaman, by William Williams” (Reese Fellowship)

Everett Wilkie, Independent, “Descriptive Bibliography of pre-1801 Connecticut Printing” (McCorison Fellowship)

John K. Young, Marshall University, “Richard Wright’s Native Son: From Manuscript to Print” (BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship)


The Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellowship in Bibliography and the British Book Trades ($6,000)

 John Craig (Simon Fraser University), The Politics of Reading in the English Parish, 1536-1642.

The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century ($3,000)

Norbert Schrer (California State University, Long Beach), The Book Advertisements of Thomas Lowndes.

 The BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship in North American Bibliography ($2,000)

Carol Armbruster (Library of Congress), Reprinting French Popular Books in Nineteenth-Century America.

 McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States: the Gift of Donald Oresman ($2,000)

Susann Liebich (Victoria University of Wellington), The Connected ReaderReading Culture in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the British World, c. 1890-1930.

 The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas ($2,000)

Marta Vicente (University of Kansas), Pornography and the Spanish Inquisition: The Reading of a Forbidden Best-Seller.

The Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography ($2,000)

Kathryn Veeman (University of Notre Dame), John Shirley and the Circulation of Manuscripts in Fifteenth-Century England.

The Katharine Pantzer Fellowship In the British Book Trades ($2,000)

Gary Dyer (Cleveland State University), The Printing and Publishing of Lord ByronsDon Juan, Cantos [6-16] VI-XVI.

One-Month Fellowships ($2,000 each) from endowment funds

Nicholas Frankel (Virginia Commonwealth University), A Study of Oscar Wildes Typescript of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Julian Hendrix (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), The Office of the Dead and Local Liturgy in the Early Medieval West. [Carolingian mss. from various scriptoria]

Nancy Marino (Michigan State University), The History of Jorge Manriques Coplas por la muerte de su padre (Stanzas on the Death of his Father).

Fredson Bowers Award ($1,500)

The Bibliographical Society has announced that it has presented the Fredson Bowers Award to

Elizabeth Fraser (University of South Florida), French Illustrated Travel Books about the Mediterranean, 1780-1850.


The Katharine F. Pantzer Senior Fellowship in Bibliography and the British Book Trades ($6,000)

Joseph J. Gwara (United States Naval Academy), A Gallery of Grotesques: Woodcut Initials in Sixteenth-Century English Books.

The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century ($3,000)

 Mei-Ying Sung (Nottingham Trent University), The Unique Proof State of William Blakes Illustrations of the Book of Job (1826) in the Beinecke Collection.

The BSA-Mercantile Library Fellowship in North American Bibliography ($2,000)

Dee Andrews (California State University, East Bay), Thomas Clarksons History of the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade: The Trans-Atlantic Biography of an Anti-Slavery Classic.

McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States: the Gift of Donald Oresman ($2,000)

Vincent Golden (American Antiquarian Society), Revising a Classic: Clarence Brigham and A History and Bibliography of American Newspapers 1690-1820. The Committee also decided to top-up this award with an additional $2,000 Short-Term Fellowship.

The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas ($2,000)

Nikos Pappas (University of Kentucky), A Sacred Music Tune Index of Trans-Appalachian and Southern Antebellum Source Material (1760-1870).

The Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography ($2,000)

Olga Duhl (Lafayette College), A Critical Edition of Stultiferae naves and La Nef des folles (The Ships of Foolish Maidens), 1498-1501.

The Katharine Pantzer Fellowship In the British Book Trades ($2,000)

Sydney Shep (Victoria University of Wellington), The Printers Web.

One-Month Fellowships ($2000 each)

Jeffrey Knight (Northwestern University), Compiling Culture: Reading and the Use of Books 1476-1676.

Miriam Mandel (Raanana, Israel), The Hemingway Letters Project.

Catherine Parisian (Nellysford, Virginia), A Publication History of the Works of Frances Burney.

Linda Quirk (Queens University, Ontario), Womens Work: The Performance of Authorial Identity in English Canada, 1880-1920.

Deborah Wright (Miami University, Ohio), The Correspondence of Matthew Prior, an Electronic Edition.

Fredson Bowers Award ($1,500)

Grace Ioppolo (University of Reading) for her research on early modern dramatic manuscripts and theatre history manuscript records.


McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States: the Gift of Donald Oresman ($2,000)

 John Meier (Independent Scholar), “The Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction (1936-2006), A Descriptive Bibliography of First English Language Editions.”

The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas ($2,000)

 Jake Gibbs (Professor of History, Bluegrass Community Technical College), “Haldeman-Julius Little Blue Books: A Bibliography and History.”

 The Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography ($2,000)

Michael Eisenberg (Doctoral Candidate in Musicology, City University of New York Graduate Center), “Keyboard Seconda Practica in Copper-Engraved Toccata Publications of Girolamo Frescobaldi.”

 The Katharine Pantzer Fellowship In the British Book Trades ($2,000)

 Christopher Cook (Rare Book Cataloguer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), “A Catalogue of Incunabula in the Chapter Library of Westminster Abbey.”

One-Month Fellowships ($2,000 each)

Cécile Alduy (Assistant Professor of French, Stanford University), “Collecting Body Parts: A Critical Edition and Interpretive Study of Blasons Anatomiques du Corps Féminin (1536-1554).”

Carlos Aguirre (Associate Professor of History, University of Oregon), “The Production of Books in Latin American Prisons: The Lima and Buenos Aires Penitentiary Print Shops, 1900-1950.”

Frank Brannon (Independent Scholar), “Sequoyah and the Cherokee Phoenix: The Production of the First Native American Newspaper.”

Kevin Curran (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, McGill University), “The Revels Plays edition of Samuel Daniel’s The Tragedy of Philotas.”

Heidi Kaufman (Assistant Professor of English, University of Delaware), “Maria Polack’s Fiction Without Romance: A Critical Edition.”

Katherine Scheil (Associate Professor of English, University of Minnesota), “Women Reading Shakespeare: Social Activism and the Bard in America, 1857-1945.”

Justin Tonra (Post-Graduate Research Fellow, National University of Ireland, Galway), “A Scholarly Edition of Lalla Rookh for the Thomas Moore Hypermedia Archive.”

Fei-Hsien Wang (Doctoral Candidate, University of Chicago), “Innocent Pirates: Reprinting American Books in China and the Boundaries of Copyright Protection in Early Twentieth Century.”

 Fredson Bowers Award ($1,500): On 17 January 2007 the Bibliographical Society informed us that at the Society’s general meeting the subcommittee voted to offer the 2007 Fredson Bowers award to

Renzo Baldasso of Columbia University.


McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States: the Gift of Donald Oresman ($2,000) 

Jude Davies (Principal Lecturer in English and American Studies, University of Winchester), “Theodore Dreiser’s Political Writings, an Edition.”

The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas ($2,000)

Jennifer Hayward (Associate Professor of English, College of Wooster), “Maria Graham’s Journal of a Voyage to Brazil: A Critical Edition.”

The Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography ($2,000)

Nicholas Fisher (retired UK police officer), “A Bibliography of the Works of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-80).”

The Katharine Pantzer Fellowship In the British Book Trades ($2,000)

Laura Knoppers (Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University), “Scholarly Edition of John Milton’s Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes for Oxford University Press.”

One-Month Fellowships ($2,000 each)

William Bell (Senior Lecturer in English Literature, University of Edinburgh), “Reading in Utopia: The Hughes Free Public Library (Rugby, Tennessee).”

Sharon Brown (University Librarian, Wilfrid Laurier University), “The French Phenomenon: Selling, Collecting and Reading French Books in Eighteenth-Century Scotland.”

Fernando Cioni (Lecturer in English, University of Florence), “The Variorum Edition of The Taming of the Shrew.”

Juan Carlos Conde (Adjunct Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Indiana University), “Writing, Printing, and Reading a Masterpiece in the Late Middle Ages: An Edition of the 15th-Century Iberian Translations of Boccaccio’s Decameron.”

R. Carter Hailey (Visiting Assistant Professor of English, College of William and Mary), “On Paper: The Description and Analysis of Watermarks from the Hand-Press Period.”

Timothy Stinson (Doctoral Candidate in English, University of Virginia), “The Siege of Jerusalem: An Electronic Archive and Hypertext Edition.”

David Stoker (Senior Lecturer in Information Studies, University of Wales), “Establishing the Canon of Lady Ellenor Fenn.”

Michelle Troy (Assistant Professor of English, Hillyer College, University of Hartford), “The Rise and Fall of the Albatross Press: English Books in Europe on the Eve of War.”

Fredson Bowers Award ($1,500): On 18 January 2006 the Society received an e-mail from John Hinks, Secretary to the Bibliographical Society’s Fellowships and Bursaries Subcommittee, informing us that at the Society’s general meeting the subcommittee voted to offer the 2006 Fredson Bowers award to

R. Carter Hailey (Visiting Assistant Professor of English, College of William and Mary), “On Paper: The Description and Analysis of Watermarks from the Hand-Press Period.”


Cécile Alduy (Assistant Professor, Stanford University), “A Descriptive Bibliography of Maurice Scève.”

Janine Barchas (Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin), “Heroes and Villains of Grubstreet: Edmund Curll, Samuel Richardson, and the Female Pen in the Eighteenth-Century Book Trade.” (The Katharine Pantzer Fellowship In the British Book Trades)

Michael Everton (Assistant Professor, University of South Florida), “Moral Vampires and the Blood of Genius: Authorship and the Ethics of the Antebellum Book Trade.” (The Reese Fellowship for American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas)

Jacqueline Goldsby (Assistant Professor, University of Chicago), “A Book of its Time: James Weldon Johnson’s The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, a Critical Edition.”

Joseph Gwara (Associate Professor, United States Naval Academy), “De Worde’s Grotesques.”

John Hench (Vice President for Collections and Programs, American Antiquarian Society), “A D-Day for American Books Abroad: Overseas Editions, Inc., and the Internationalization of the US Book Trade, 1942-1948.” (McCorison Fellowship for the History and Bibliography of Printing in Canada and the United States: The Gift of Donald Oresman)

Edward Jones (Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University), vol. 11 of the Oxford University Press Complete Works of John Milton . (Fredson Bowers Award)

Catherine Marsters (Assistant Professor, Gannon University), “The Scottish Book Trades and the School Reward Book Market: Editions of Mungo Park’s Travels, 1858-1903.”

Ruth Panofsky (Associate Professor, Ryerson University), “A History of the Macmillan Company of Canada.”

Giuseppina Panzuto (Doctoral Candidate, University of Montral), “The Revisions of History, Language, and Appropriation by Translation in Robert Copland’s Helyas, Knight of the Swanne.”

Allen Reddick (Professor, University of Zrich), “Thomas Hollis’s Gifts to Harvard and their Relation to Donations to Swiss Libraries.” (The Folter Fellowship in the History of Bibliography)

Margit Smith (Associate Professor, University of San Diego), “The Medieval Girdle Book Documentation Project.”

Elizabeth Willingham (Associate Professor, Baylor University), “Edition of the Agravain from the Manuscript Codex, Yale 229: Establishing the Text.”


Daisy A. Aaronian (Columbia University), “The 1595 (Geneva) Edition of Montaigne’sEssais.”

Tatjana T. Chorney (University of Toronto at Mississauga), “Reading as Imitation: Poetry and Renaissance Readers.”

Gerald W. Cloud (University of Delaware), “John Rodker, Printer and Publisher: A Bibliograhical Study.”

David R. Como (Stanford University), “Secret Presses and Radical Puritanism in England and Holland.” (Pantzer Fellowship)

Aileen Fyfe (National University of Ireland, Galway), “Steam-Powered Knowledge: Information and Technologies in the Industrial Age.”

Scott H. Husby (Princeton University), “A Census of Bookbindings on Incunables.”

Coleman Hutchison (Northwestern University), “Region, Revision, and the American Civil War Text: Occasioning Verse and Volume.” (Reese Fellowship)

Philip M. Oldfield (University of Toronto), “British and Irish Armorial Bindings.”

Patricia J. Osmond de Martino (Iowa State University), “A Humanist Bookseller in Venice: Antonio Moreto, ‘il cardinal libraio.’”

Anna Lisa Taylor (University of Texas at Austin), “Carolingian Verse Saints’ Lives: Education, Patronage, and Monastic Memory.” (Fredson Bowers Award)


 Diane E. Booton (Harvard University Library and Harvard College Library), “Manuscript Production in Late Medieval Brittany.”(Fredson Bowers Award)

Jay L. Halio (University of Delaware), “New Variorum Edition of All’s Well That Ends Well.”

Ann Rachelle Hawkins (Texas Tech University), “Editing the Early Novels of Benjamin Disraeli: Henrietta Temple (1836) and Venetia (1837).”

Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby (University of Toronto, Centre For Reformation & Renaissance Studies), “A Critical Edition of the Coronation Verses of Anne Boleyn.”

Nadezhda, Kavrus-Hoffmann (Independent Scholar), “Catalogue of Greek Manuscripts in the Collections of the USA: Second Phase.”

Patricia W. Manning (University of Kansas), “Blacking out Books: The Politics of Censorship of the Spanish Inquisition.”

Christopher L. Mayo (Brandeis University), “Lord Chesterfield’s Letters to His Son: A Critical Edition.”

Eleanor F. Shevlin (West Chester University of Pennsylvania), “Harrison and Company’s Print Corpus and the Making of the English Novel.” (Pantzer Fellowship)

Andrew M. Stauffer (Boston University), “The Papers of F. S. Ellis, Pre-Raphaelite Publisher.”

Trysh Travis (Southern Methodist University), “A History of ‘The Big Book’ of Alcoholics Anonymous.” (Reese Fellowship)

Amanda Wunder (University of Wisconsin – Madison), “Golden-Age Printing in Seventeenth-Century Spain: The Seville Cathedral and the Making of Fernando de la Torre Farfn’s Illustrated Festival Book for San Fernanco (1671).”


Barbara M. Benedict (Trinity College), “A Scholarly Edition of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.”

Mark Brandon Bland (The Open University), “The Manuscripts of Donne and Jonson: Contexts and Connections.”

Joanne Filippone (Fordham University), “Reconstructing the Monastic Choir Books of San Sisto in Piacenza: A Historical and Liturgical Analysis.”

Robert Byron Hamm, Jr. (University of California, Santa Barbara), “The Tonson Shakespeare Project.” (Pantzer Fellowship)

John N. King (The Ohio State University), “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and Early Modern English Print Culture.”

Reginald Brian Parker (Trinity College, University of Toronto), “Tennessee Williams in the 1950’s: A Genetic Study of the Night of the Iguana and Sweet Bird of Youth.”

Catherine M. Rodriguez (University of Virginia), “Frances Burney: A Publication History.”

Paul Jefferson Shaw (School of Visual Arts), “The Life & Work of William Addison Dwiggins.”

Robert W. Trogdon (Kent State University), “Descriptive Bibliography of Joseph Conrad.”

Carola Wessel (University of Gttingen), “Bibliography and Edition of Broadsides Printed in North America in the German Language, 1700-1830.” (Reese Fellowship)


Joseph Black (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), “A Critical, Old spelling Edition of the Martin Marprelate Tracts (1588-89).”

Patrick Cheney (Pennsylvania State University), “The Oxford Edition of the Collected Works of Edmund Spenser.”

Cyndia Susan Clegg (Pepperdine University), “Censorship and the Historiographic Text in Early Modern England.”

Robert L. Dawson (University of Texas, Austin), “Books across the Channel: France, Great Britain and the International Trade in Books during the Long Eighteenth Century.” (Pantzer Fellowship)

Jared N. Day (Carnegie Mellon University), “Thomas Butler Gunn; New York City Illustrator and Literary Critic: A Bibliography and Essay.”

Melissa A. Dinverno (Indiana University, Bloomington), “Federico Garcia Lorca’sSuites: A Versioned Critical Edition.”

Kelly Denise Fuller (Claremont Graduate University), “The Man of Letters as a Woman of Business: The Career of Mary Austin.”

John J. McCusker (Trinity University), “The Business Press and the Economic Integration of the Early Modern Atlantic World.” (Reese Fellowship)

Lisa Pon (The Getty Research Institute), “Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Editions of Savanarola’s Works.”

Phillip H. Stump (Lynchburg College), “Manuscripts and Printed Editions of the Sermons Delivered at the Council of Constance (1414-18).”

Pierre A.Walker (Salem State College), “The Complete Letters of Henry James, Volumes One and Two.”


Massimiliano Demata (St. Cross College, Oxford), “Publishing for the Theatre: John Murray and Drama, 1816–19.”

Paul Erickson (University of Texas, Austin), “The City Mysteries Novel in Antebellum America: Its Production and Consumption.” (Reese Fellowship)

Joel Fredell (Southeastern Louisiana University), “The Roman de la Rose; the Sapiential Tradition in Vernacular Book Design.”

David L. Gants (University of Georgia), “Printing in Jacobean London.”

Hillaire Kallendorf (Princeton University), “Women Readers of Seventeenth-Century Manuals of Casuistry.”

William Kemp (College du Vieux Montreal), “A New Bibliography of Lyonese Counterfeit Aldines.”

Cynthia Koepp (Wells College), “The Forgotten Best-Seller of the Eighteenth Century: Re-reading the Spectacle de la Nature.”

Patrick Leary (Indiana University), “Periodical Publishing and Literary Community: Bradbury and Evans and the Punch Circle, 1858–73.”

Carl Spadoni (McMaster University), “A Bibliography of Robertson Davies.”


Gregory S. Brown (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), “The Publication and Censorship of Plays in Old Regime France.”

Konstantin Dierks (Brown University), “The Pedagogical Literature of Letter Writing in America, 1750-1800” (winner of the 1999 Reese Fellowship administered by the BSA.Professor Dierks is also the winner of the 1999 London Bibliographical Society’s Fredson Bowers award.)

Lamia Doumato (National Gallery of Art), “Catalogue Raisonne of Syriac Manuscripts in the Crusader Era.”

Alison K. Frazier (University of Texas at Austin), “Selling Saints:  A Hagiographic Anthology in Renaissance Milan.”

James W. Hankins (Harvard University), “Repertorium Brunianum:   A Critical Guide to the Writings of Leonardo Bruni.”

John McDonnell Hintermaier (Princeton University), “The Book of Common PrayerRevised, Refused, Restored:  A History of Books and Readers 1600-1662.”

Trish Loughran (University of  Chicago), “Virtual Nation: Cultures of Contact and Community in the United States, 1776-1860.”

Nicholas Andrew Mason (State University of New York at Stony Brook), “Advertising, Authorship, and the Origins of Romantic Literature.”

Nerijus Udrenas (Brandeis University), “Literary Underground in 19th Century Lithuania:  Books, Publishers, Smugglers, and Readers in Kraziai.”


Ruth B. Bottigheimer (State University of New York at Stony Brook ), “Piracy and Publishing, Jesuits and Jansenists in Seventeenth-Century Paris and Amsterdam.”

David C. Hanson (Southeastern Louisiana University), “John Ruskin’s Early Manuscripts: A Revised Bibliography and a Proposed Edition.”

Christine S. Haynes (University of Chicago), “The Professionalization of Publishing in Nineteenth-Century France: The Rise of the Editor and the Transformation of the Book.”

Maura C. Ives (Texas A&M University), “Christina Rossetti: A Descriptive Bibliography.”

Julia Boss Knapp (Yale University), “‘Je leur envoy une lettre et un livre’: text Circulation and Catholic Community in Seventeenth-Century New France.”

Peter A. Lindenbaum (Indiana University), “The Publishing Career of Brabazon Aylmer.”

Lara Jennifer Moore (Stanford University), “Restoring Order: The cole des Chartes and the Creation of National History in France, 1806-1846.”

Virginia Reinburg (Boston College), “A Social History of the Book of Hours.”

Candler Sheffield Rogers (University of Otago), “Legal and Extra-Legal Enforcement of Copyright Violation, 1714-1751.”


Mary-Jo Arn (Bloomsburg University ), “Demonstration of Common Authorship through a Comparison of Manuscripts in Two Languages: Charles d’Orleans.”

Joseph Donohue (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “Oxford English Texts Edition of Plays by Oscar Wilde.”

Conor Fahy (University College, London), “A Study of Some Printing Practices in Sixteenth-century Italian Printing.”

A. Graham Falconer (University of Toronto), “Autour d’un Cabinet de Lecture.”

Sidney F. Huttner (University of Tulsa), “Recovering Lucile.”

Doris N. O’Keefe (American Antiquarian Society), “Printing and Distributing Catholic Literature in Ireland, 1770-1832: a Defence of Catholic Principles.”

Jay Corey Satterfield (University of Iowa), “The World’s Best Books: The Modern Library Series and Taste Hierarchies.”

Jill A. Shefrin, “A Bibliography and Historical Analysis of Juvenile Table Games Published in Great Britain in the 18th and 19th Centuries.”

Karine Uge (Boston College), “Monastic Culture in Medieval French Flanders: Libraries, Scriptoria and Self-representation from the Eighth to the Eleventh Century.”

Bruce Whiteman (University of California, Los Angeles), “Constantine Simonides: Forgery and Scholarship in Nineteenth-century Europe.”


Janine G. Barchas (University of Chicago), “Lady Bradshaigh’s Copy of Clarissa.”

Randall K. Burkett (Harvard University), “Afro-American Publishing: Toward an Inclusive History of the Book, 1880-1950.”

Marvin L. Colker (University of Virginia), “Manuscripts among the Incunables of the British Library.”

Sandra Marie Donaldson (University of North Dakota), “Establishing a Text for Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Poems.”

Kathryn A. Duys (New York University), “Books Shaped by Song: Early Literary Literacy in the Lyric Works of Gautier de Coinci, Alfonso X. El Sabio, and Guiraut Riquier.”

Michael Patrick Kuczynski (Tulane University), “A Glossed Lollard Psalter: Bodleian Library Oxford MS 554 : An Edition with Critical Introduction and Notes.”

Nancy A. Mace (U.S. Naval Academy), “A Database of Late Eighteenth-Century Music-Sellers and Publications.”

Marta L. Werner (Georgia State University), “Emily Dickinson’s Late Fragments: Towards a Post-Critical Edition.”


Craig S. Abbott (Northern Illinois University), “John Crowe Ransom: A Descriptive Bibliography.”

R. Carter Hailey (University of Virginia), “The Editing and Printing of Robert Crowley’s Edition of Piers Plowman.”

Ben A. Kinmont, “Antiquarian Bookselling in New York City: A Pictorial History.”

Elizabeth Kraft (University of Georgia), “The Ivory Gate: Elizabeth Justice and the Eighteenth-Century Book Trade.”

Meredith L. McGill (Harvard University), “American Literature and the Culture of Reprinting (1840-55).”

Randall McLeod (University of Toronto), “A Facsimile of Holinshed’s Chronicles, 1587.”

Lori Humphrey Newcomb (University of Illinois), “The Cultural Uses of Robert Greene’s Pandosto, 1585-1800.”

Giles Richter (Columbia University), “Distribution Practices of the Japanese Publisher Hakubunkan, 1887-1895.”

Michael H. Shank (University of Wisconsin), “The Printing of Regiomontanus’sDisputationes (Nuremberg, ca. 1475).”


Anthony Atkins (University of London), “Materials Relating to the Publisher Duckworth, 1898-1940, in the New York Public Library and Columbia, Princeton, and Yale Universities.”

William Baker (Northern Illinois University), “A Descriptive Bibliography of George Eliot.”

David L. Gants (University of Virginia), “A Descriptive Bibliography of the 1616 FolioWorkes of Ben Jonson.”

Charles A. Johanningsmeier (State University of New York at Cortland), “Tillotson’s Newspaper Fiction Bureau: An Overlooked Force in the Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Literary Marketplace.”

Sue Abbe Kaplan (University of California, Los Angeles), “Ornamental Stockbook of the Aldine Presses and Associates: Woodcut Initials, Head- and Tailpieces.”

Paul Nelles, “Peter Lambeck and the Origins of Historia Literaria: Book Knowledge and Librarianship in the Seventeenth Century.”

Esther Quantrill (University of Texas at Austin), “Gender and Poetry: A Study of English Nineteenth-Century Poetry Anthologies Compiled by Women.”

David R. Whitesell, “The Orga Series of Comedias Sueltas 1761-1803: Identifying and Dating the Concealed Reprints.”

Linda Gertner Zatlin (Morehouse College), “Aubrey Beardsley: The Catalogue Raisonn.”


Mead T. Cain (The Population Council), “The Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.”

Sylvie L. Merian (Columbia University), “Characteristics of Syriac Bindings: A Codicological Study.”

Gordon B. Neavill (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa), “The History and Bibliography of the Modern Library Series.”

Karen Nipps (Library Company of Philadelphia), “Lydia Bailey, A Life in a Printing Shop and Interpretive Essay.”

Jeanne M. Shami (University of Regina), “A New Donne Manuscripts: Collating and Editing.”

Daniel L. Shealy (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), “Louisa May Alcott and her Publishers.”

Carl Spadoni (McMaster University Library), “A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock.”

H. Leslie Thomson (University of Toronto, Erindale College), “A Study of Two Merry Milkmaids, Folger Copy 2: An Annotated Quarto.”

Benjamin Weiss (Princeton University), “Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Editions of Claudius Ptolemy’s Geography.”


David R. Carlson (University of Ottawa), “The Meaning of the Printed Page: Aesthetics and Profit in Book Design, 1465-1520.”

James N. Green (Library Company of Philadelphia), “Literary Property and the American Book Trade in the Early National Period.”

John A. Lane, “British Type Specimens: Notes Supplemental to Mosley and Berry & Johnson.”

William B. Long, “Stage Directions and the Problem of Textual Transmission.”

Paula J. McDowell (University of Maryland, College Park), “Tace Sowle, Quaker Publisher, 1691-1749.”

Michael N. Salda (University of Southern Mississippi), “The Library of Francois Ier.”

Stephen H.A. Shepherd (Southern Methodist University), “A Study of an Early English Holograph: MS Ashmole 33 of the Bodleian Library, Oxford.”


Marc H. Aronson (New York University), “Reader, Buyer, Juror: William Crary Brownell and the Public.”

Thomas F. Bonnell (Saint Mary’s College), “Booksellers and Literary Canons: Collections of English Poetry, 1765-1810.”

Roderick G. Cave (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), “English Fine Printing, 1920-60, with Special Reference to the Golden Cockerel Press.”

Michele Valerie Cloonan (University of California, Los Angeles), “Bookbinding in Nineteenth-Century America: from Handcraft to Industrialized Trade.”

Lisa Fagin Davis (Yale University), “A Study and Reconstruction of the Lambach Antiphonary.”

Alice Elizabeth Fahs (New York University), “Publishing the Civil War: Northern Publishers and the Literary Marketplace of War, 1861-1865.”

David Finkelstein (University of Edinburgh), “Preliminary Research for a History of the Publishing Firm, William Blackwood & Sons.”

Alison Knowles Frazier (Columbia University), “Italian Humanists as Authors of Vitae Sanctorum, 1417-1521.”

Lawrence S. Rainey (Yale University), “Towards a Critical Edition of The Waste LandManuscripts.”


Claire Badaracco (Marquette University), “Beatrice L. Warde, Propagandist for Print, 1920-1940.”

Whitney S. Bagnall (Columbia University Law School Library), “A Descriptive Bibliography of the Press of Robert Bell.”

Stephen Lewis Emmel (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University), “Shenoute’s Literary Corpus.”

G. Elizabeth Korn (Columbia University), “A Critical Edition of Impressions of Theophrastus Such by George Eliot.”

Yvonne Noble, “Music Printing Practice in the Shop of John Watts, 1728-1735, from a Study of the Octavo Edition(s) of The Beggar’s Opera.”

Diana Alexandra Patterson, “Marbling Over Print in Eighteenth-Century Books in England.”

Anthony Johann Pillai (State University of New York at Buffalo), “Literary Theory and Textual Criticism: The Transmission and Reception of Poe Texts in Translation.”

Richard C. Simmons (University of Birmingham, England), “British Imprints Relating to North America, 1621-1760.”


Katherine Osler Acheson (University of Toronto), “The Diary of Lady Anne Clifford.”

Rosalind Remer Burnam (University of California, Los Angeles), “Philadelphia Publishers in the New Republic, 1790-1830.”

Andrea Immel (University of California, Los Angeles), “Cheerful Wisdom and Instructive Mirth: English Children’s Books, 1660-1760.”

Mary-Parke Johnson (Curatorial Consultants), “A History of the Altemus Bindery of Philadelphia, 1844-1854.”

Joseph R. McElrath, Jr. (Florida State University), “The Canadian Publications of Frank Norris.”

Charles B. McNamara (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Descriptive Bibliography of Montesquieu.”

Gary Marker (State University of New York at Stony Brook), “Readers and Literacy in Russia, 1649-1801.”

John James Mulryan (St. Bonaventure University), “Natalie Conti’s Mythologiae: A Study of the Extant Editions.”


James P. Carley (York University, Toronto), “The Westminister Catalogue of 1542: An Annotated Edition.”

Robert L. Dawson (University of Texas at Austin), “The 1777 ‘Permission Simple’.”

Leo Depuydt (Yale University), “Book Production in Egypt in the First Centuries After the Arab Conquest.”

Everett Emerson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), An Edition of Hector St. John de Crevecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer.

Antonia Forster (University of Akron), “An Edition of the Griffiths Correspondence.”

David D. Mann (Miami University), “An Edition of R.L. Stevenson and S.L. Osbourne,The Wrong Box.”

H. Wayne Storey (Fordham University), “Petrarch’s Strategies of Visual Poetry”

Michael F. Suarez (Fordham University), “Dodsley’s Collection of Poems and the Making of the Eighteenth-Century Poetic Canon.”

Michael Winship (Oxford University), “Literary Publishing in the Nineteenth-Century United States: Ticknor & Fields and its Predecessor, 1832-1860.”


Anna Lou Ashby (Pierpont Morgan Library), “A Publishing History of Christopher Morley.”

James Cracraft (University of Illinois at Chicago), “Book Production in the Petrine Revolution in Russia (1650-1800).”

Martha W. Driver (Pace University), “The Image in Print: The Illustrated English Book in the Fifteenth- and Sixteenth- Centuries.”

Melissa C. Flannery, (Folger Shakespeare Library), “An Analytical Glossary of the Printing-Related Terms used in the Diario of the Printing Press of San Jacopo di Ripoli (Florence, Italy).”

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