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Shape the Future of Bibliography: Volunteer for a BSA Committee or Working Group

Service on a Committee or Working Group is one of the most consequential and rewarding ways for members to be involved in the work of the Society.

The BSA seeks a diverse and inclusive roster of volunteers, and we welcome self-nominations from members of this community to contribute to our mission by serving. Our inter-professional and inter-disciplinary community seeks to continue building our reputation for inclusion and diverse and stimulating programming.

Our Committees and Working Groups help to steer the direction of the BSA and the field of Bibliography. By volunteering, you would take an active role in that process!


September 20, 2021 – 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific
Join BSA Executive Director Erin McGuirl for a conversation about volunteering on a BSA Committee or Working Group. Following a brief overview of the Committees and Working Groups welcoming new members in 2022, Erin will open the floor to your questions about the work that BSA volunteers do. Click here to register.

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The following Committees have openings for the 2022-2025 term of service:

Learn more about the role of each Committee and Working Group on our website, here. Current rosters are posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the commitment?

Terms of service are three years, renewable once. Individuals appointed to a Committee or Working Group begin their first term following the Annual Meeting in January 2022, serving through the 2025 Annual Meeting. Volunteers must be members of BSA in good standing throughout their term of service.

In order to maintain efficient and effective Committees and Working Groups, not all such groups are able to accept new members in a given year.

If I nominate myself, will I be appointed to a Committee or Working Group?

Not necessarily. We aim to strike a balance across professional, subject expertise, ethnic, and other relevant backgrounds on all Committees and Working Groups. Sometimes there are not enough positions for all who volunteer. Therefore, self-nomination does not guarantee an appointment.

Do I have to be a BSA Member?

Yes, you do need to maintain an active BSA membership to serve on a committee. Find information about our dues levels and membership benefits here. If this is financially out of reach for you and you wish to serve on a Committee or Working Group, please reach out in confidence to Executive Director Erin McGuirl. There is always a way!

When will I find out if I’ve been appointed to a committee?

The President will work with Committee and Working Group Chairs to make appointments in the last two weeks of September. You will find out if you have been appointed to a Committee or Working Group and we request that you formally accept your appointment in November 2021.

When will I start serving on a committee?

Like your BSA membership, terms of volunteer service start in January. Executive Director Erin McGuirl will host an orientation for new volunteers just before the Annual Meeting that will be held on January 28, 2022.

Volunteer by September 30!

To volunteer to serve on one of these Committees or Working Groups, click the button below and complete our simple self-nomination form.

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Questions? Concerns? Contact BSA Executive Director Erin McGuirl.