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Digital Strategy Working Group

The Digital Strategy Working Group is charged with designing and implementing new digital media strategy for the Bibliographical Society of America.

Long term objectives include:

  • Assessing options and drafting a social media strategy for approval by the BSA Council. This includes drafting content guidelines, a plan for implementation, and a sustainable maintenance plan to be followed paid staff or volunteer BSA member(s)
  • Completing an overhaul of the BSA’s current website. As a learned society with a dispersed and diverse membership, the working group should address ways in which the BSA website can:
    • Offer members resources related to their teaching, learning, research, collecting, and professional development
    • Build awareness of the BSA’s mission and activities, both to attract new members and help the organization to meet its fundraising goals
    • Offer visitors a user experience that references, relates to, or comments upon the bibliographical nuances of digital media and its relationship to books and other media
    • Updating the BSA’s communications policy to include guidelines or other language related to electronic media

Short term objectives include:

  • Breaking down and prioritizing long-term objectives to build a strategic action plan for achieving longer term goals
  • Designing and maintaining an active working group structure that is respectful of volunteer availability, while also ensuring that the group will achieve its goals. Key aspects of this would include:
  • Establishing a term of service for working group members and succession plan that facilitates smooth transitions from volunteer to volunteer
  • Ensuring that the group as a whole is well equipped to meet objectives during a particular phase of work
  • Assessing the availability of grant or other funding to hire consultants, web designers, and other specialists as needed; grant writing
  • Working with our graphic designers to draft a digital identity statement for Council approval that aligns with our existing statement for printed materials

Current Members

Erin McGuirl, BSA Executive Director (Chair)
Jeffrey Barton, Princeton University
Megan L. Cook, Colby College
Jeremy Dibbell, Binghamton University (Vice Chair)
María Victoria Fernández, the University of Chicago
Rodger Friedman, Rodger Friedman Rare Book Studio
Erin Paulson, Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Neil Weijer, Smathers Library, the University of Florida at Gainesville