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Working Group for Fellows & Fellowships

The Working Group for BSA Fellows and Fellowships will be responsible for the ongoing promotion of the work of BSA Fellows and outcomes supported by the BSA Fellowship program. To do this, they will focus on the following activities:

  • Working with the Executive Director, design opportunities to share the ongoing work and accomplishments of current and recent BSA Fellows, primarily through the Society’s newsletter but also on the BSA website, social media, and YouTube channel.
  • Maintain easy, occasional contact with Fellows about the progress of their research
  • Report bi-annually to the Fellowship Committee and submit reports to the Council
  • Attend to Fellowships related commitments made in the Society’s Equity Action Plan

Current Members

Ryan Roberts, Lincoln Land Community College (Chair)
Tad Boehmer, Michigan State University
Jaime Groetsema Saifi, University of Kansas
Alvionne Karpinski, University of British Columbia
Dylan Lewis, University of Maryland