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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will consist of the Officers of the Society, the Executive Director ex officio, and whatever members of the Council the President chooses to invite. The President will chair the Committee and convene its sessions. The Committee meets quarterly, and with additional meetings scheduled as required.

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Council in conducting the affairs of the Society between meetings of the Council, notably on matters of: Budgeting; Strategic and financial planning; Interpreting policies and procedures; Setting agendas for Council Meetings; Approving unusual or unanticipated expenditures; Discussing any other issues that may be urgent or important.    

The Executive Committee also conducts an annual performance review of the executive director according to procedures mutually agreed to by the Executive Committee and the executive director.

Current Members

Caroline Duroselle-Melish, The Folger Shakespeare Library
G. Scott Clemons, Brown Brothers Harriman
Joan Friedman, Urbana, IL
John T. McQuillen, The Morgan Library & Museum
Erin McGuirl, BSA Executive Director (ex officio)
Megan Peiser, Oakland University