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Volume 101

Volume 101:1 March 2007

  • Adaptation and/or Revision in Early Quartos of Romeo and Juliet By LYNETTE HUNTER
  • The Name of the Author: Additional Light on the Publication of Ivanhoe and the Scott-Constable Relationship By JANE MILLGATE
  • Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, and the Myth of Textual Betrayal By STEPHEN ENNISS
  • “I Scornfully Rejected the Terms”: Wyoming Territory’s Public Printing, 1870–74 By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG

Book Reviews

  • De Hamel, Christopher, and Joel Silver. Disbound and Dispersed: The Leaf Book Considered. (MICHAEL RYAN)
  • Malkin, Mary Ann O’Brian. Dancing by the Book: A Catalogue of Books, 1531–1804, in the Collection of…. (MICHAEL LAIRD)
  • Monaghan, E. Jennifer. Learning to Read and Write in Colonial America. (DAVID J. SILVERMAN)
  • Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel. Printing on the Iron Handpress; and Nineteenth-century Printing Practices and the Iron Hand- press, with Selected Readings. (T. H. HOWARD-HILL)
  • Southall, Richard. Printer’s Type in the Twentieth Century: Manufacturing and Design Methods. (ALAN MARSHALL)
  • Thomas, Martyn, John A. Lane, and Anne Rogers. Harry Carter, Typographer. (KAY AMERT)
  • Watry, Maureen. The Vale Press: Charles Ricketts, a Publisher in Earnest. (WILLIAM S. PETERSON)
  • Wendorf, Richard. The Scholar-Librarian: Books, Libraries, and the Visual Arts. (MICHAEL RYAN)
  • Younger, Helen, Marc Younger, and Dan Hirsch. First Editions of Dr. Seuss Books: A Guide to Identification; and Richard H. F. Lindemann. The Dr. Seuss Catalog: An Annotated Guide to Works by Theodor Geisel in All Media, Writings about Him, and Appearances of Characters and Places in the Books, Stories and Films. (ANDREA IMMEL)

Volume 101:2 June 2007

  • Restoring Malone By ARTHUR SHERBO
  • “We Have Seen Many a Worse Job Done ‘Further East'”: Dakota’s Public Printing, 1862-3 By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG
  • Wilhelm Busch’s Merry Thoughts: His Early Books in Britain and America By GREGORY JONES and JANE BROWN
  • Publishing in Victoria, Australia, 1851-1900 By LISHI KWASITSU

Book Reviews

  • Amory, Hugh. Bibliography and the Book Trades: Studies in the Print Culture of Early New England. (MARCUS A. MCCORISON)
  • Baker, William, and John C. Ross. Harold Pinter: A Bibliographical History. (IRA B. NADEL)
  • Boorman, Stanley. Ottaviano Petrucci: Catalogue Raisonne. (PAUL F. GEHL)
  • Green, James N., and Peter Stallybrass. Benjamin Franklin, Writer and Printer. (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN V)
  • Hawkins, Anne R., ed. Teaching Bibliography, Textual Criticism, and Book History. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Jackson, Robert H., and Carol Z. Rothkopf, eds. Book Talk: Essays on Books, Booksellers, Collecting, and Special Collections. (MICHAEL RYAN)
  • Keymer, Thomas, and Peter Sabor. “Pamela” in the Marketplace: Literary Controversy and Print Culture in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland. (JOCELYN HARRIS)
  • LeMire, Eugene. A Bibliography of William Morris. (DAVID LATHAM)
  • Lessell, Colin B. Bibliotheca Medica de Asia Orientali, 1473-1900. (JOHN P. C. MOFFETT)
  • Mattila, Robert W. George Sterling: A Bibliography, Including Periodical Contributions and Manuscript Material. (ANTHONY BLISS)
  • Nestler, Friedrich. Einführung in die Bibliographie. (JOHN L. FLOOD)
  • Reddick, Allen, ed. Samuel Johnson’s Unpublished Revisions to the “Dictionary of the English Language”: A Facsimile Edition. (SHEF ROGERS)
  • Serrai, Alfredo e Fiammetta Sabba. Profilo di Storia della Bibliografia. (ANGELA NUOVO)
  • Spevack, Marvin, ed. Isaac D’Israeli on Books: Pre-Victorian Essays on the History of Literature. (RICHARD LANDON)
  • Stockdale, Eric. ‘Tis Treason, My Good Man! Four Revolutionary Presidents and a Piccadilly Bookshop. (CARLA MULFORD)
  • Thomas, Julia. Pictorial Victorians: The Inscriptions of Values in Word and Image. (ROSIE MILES)
  • Van Hulle, Dirk, and Wim Van Mierlo, eds. Reading Notes. (WILLIAM BARKER)

Volume 101:3 September 2007

  • Religious Identity, Stationers’ Company Politics, and Three Printers of Eikon Basilike By KATHLEEN LYNCH
  • Edmund Malone and the Johnson-Steevens 1778 Shakespeare By ARTHUR SHERBO
  • Four Catalogues of the Lowndes Circulating Library, 1755-66 By NORBERT SCHURER

Review Essay

The Bodleian Library Incunables By PAUL NEEDHAM

Book Reviews

  • Albert, Neale M. The Neale M. Albert Collection of Miniature Designer Bindings. A Catalog of an Exhibition Held at the Grolier Club…. (DEBORAH WHITEMAN)
  • Alderson, Brian, and Felix de Marez Oyens. Be Merry and Wise: Origins of Children’s Book Publishing in England, 1650-1850. (KIMBERLEY REYNOLDS)
  • Barnhill, Georgia Brady. Bibliography on American Prints of the Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Centuries. (LAUREN B. HEWES)
  • Carlyon, Jonathan E. Andrés Gonzáles de Barcia and the Creation of the Colonial Spanish American Library. (JOSEPH J. GWARA)
  • Foot, Mirjam M. Bookbinders at Work: Their Roles and Methods. (NANCY H. NITZBERG)
  • Green, Lawrence D., and James J. Murphy. Renaissance Rhetoric Short-title Catalogue, 1460-1700. (PHILIP ROLLINSON)
  • Iurilli, Antonio. Orazio nella letteratura italiana: commentatori, traduttori, editori italiani de Quinto Orazio Flacco dal XV al XVIII secolo. (CRAIG KALLENDORF)
  • Pomeroy, Jane. Alexander Anderson (1775-1870), Wood Engraver and Illustrator: An Annotated Bibliography. (GEORGIA B. BARNHILL)

Volume 101:4 December 2007

  • Collecting, Cataloguing, and Digitizing Incunabula at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich By BETTINA WAGNER
  • From Print to Print: The First Complete Edition of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography By CHRISTOPHER HUNTER
  • The Magnification of Ralph Connor: Black Rock and the North American Copyright Divide By ELI MACLAREN
  • Printers into Booksellers: The Structural Transformation of the French Print Trades in the Age of Enlightenment By THIERRY RIGOGNE

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