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Volume 94

Volume 94:1 March 2000

  • “People of the Book”: The Production of Theological Texts in Early Modern England By KARI KONKOLA
  • A Stop Press Correction in Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market By MAURA IVES
  • Contributions to the Canon and Text of Padraic Colum’s Writings By ARTHUR SHERBO
  • Additions and Emendations to Pre-1801 Entries in Thomas J. Holmes’s Bibliographies of the Mathers By KEITH ARBOUR

Review Essay

Typographia Batava, 1541–1600: A Milestone in Dutch Bibliography By J. A. GRUYS

Book Reviews

  • Dizionario dei tipografie degli editori italiani. Il Cinquecento. (ANNA GIULIA CAVAGNA)
  • Eggert, Paul, and Margaret Sankey, eds.The Editorial Gaze: Mediating Texts in Literature and the Arts. (DAVID HOLDEMAN)
  • Fahy, Conor. Istruzioni practiche ad un novello capo-stampa, o sia regolameto per la direzione di una tipografica officina (1789). (ANNA GIULIA CAVAGNA)
  • Gilmont, Jean-François, ed. The Reformation and the Book. (CHRISTOPHER ELWOOD)
  • Greenspan, Ezra and Jonathan Rose, eds. Book History. Vol. 1. (PATRICIA FLEMING)
  • Hayes, Kevin J. The Library of William Byrd of Westover. (KEVIN BERLAND)
  • Mellot, Jean-Dominique, and Elisabeth Queval. Repertoire d’imprimeurs/libraires XVIe–XVIIIe siècle. (FRED SCHREIBER)
  • Sagar, Keith, and Stephen Tabor. Ted Hughes: A Bibliography, 1946–1995. (NICK GAMMAGE)
  • Tanselle, G. Thomas. Literature and Artifacts. (PETER L. SHILLINGSBURG)

Volume 94:2 June 2000

  • Pre-Ornamented Bookcloth on Nineteen-Century Cloth Case Bindings By ANDREA KRUPP AND JENNIFER WOODS ROSNER
  • Thomas Middleton, Thomas Dekker, and The Bloody Banquet By GARY TAYLOR
  • “Favoritism Has Been Practiced”: New Capital, Old Printer in Dakota Territory By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG
  • Recuperating the Author: Consuming Fictions of the 1990s By JULIET GARDINER

Bibliographical Notes

  • Note on the Huntington Library and Pierpont Morgan Library Fragments of the Pseudo-Donatue, Ars minor (Rudimenta grammatices) GW 8995, GW 8996 By JOSEPH A. DANE
  • Sir Thomas North’s Marginalia in His Dial of Princes By KELLY A. QUINN

Book Reviews

  • Bishop, Philip. Thomas Bird Mosher, Pirate Prince of Publishers. (WILLIAM S. PETERSON)
  • Bowman, John H. Greek Printing Types in Britain from the Late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Century; and Hyphen: A Typographic Forum. (GERRY LEONIDAS)
  • Howard-Hill, T. H. British Literary Bibliography, 1980-1989. Index to British Litearry Bibliography, Vols. 8 and 9. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Johns, Adrian. The Nature of the Book: Print and Knowledge in the Making. (SHEF ROGERS)
  • Jones, Philip Henry, and Eiluned Rees, eds. A Nation and Its Books: A History of the Book in Wales. (M. WYNN THOMAS)
  • Paas, John Roger. The German Political Broadsheet, 1600-1700. Vol. 5: 1630-1631. (MARIAN R. SPERBERG-MCQUEEN)
  • Seymour, M. C. A Catalogue of Chaucer Manuscripts. Vol. 1: Works before the Canterbury Tales; Vol. 2: The Canterbury tales. (A. S. G. EDWARDS)
  • Stein, Douglas L. American Maritime Documents, 1776-1860, Illustrated and Described. (KEITH ARBOUR)

Volume 94:3 September 2000

  • A Little Known Chapter in Hebrew Printing: Francesco dalle Donne and the Beginning of Hebrew Printing in Verona in the Sixteenth Century By MARVIN J. HELLER
  • James Franklin, Apprentice, Artisan, Dissident, and Teacher By KEITH ARBOUR
  • Defoe De-Attributions Scrutinized under Hargevik Criteria: Applying Stylometrics to the Canon By IRVING N. ROTHMAN
  • Magazines and the Profession of Authorship in the United States, 1840-1900 By ELLERY SEDGWICK

Bibliographical Note

Stephen Crane’s Manuscript of “The Devil’s Acre” By PAUL SORRENTINO

Book Reviews

  • Beal, Peter. In Praise of Scribes: Manuscripts and Their Makers in Seventeenth-Century England. (STEVEN W. MAY)
  • Gertzman, Jay A. Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940. (A. S. G. EDWARDS)
  • Gutjahr, Paul. An American Bible: A History of the Good Book in the United States, 1777-1880. (KEITH ARBOUR)
  • Heller, Marvin. Printing the Talmud: A History of the Individual Treatises Printed from 1700-1750. (MENAHEM BLONDHEIM)
  • Schneider, Georg. Handbuch der Bibliographie. (JOHN L. FLOOD)
  • Smith, Walter E. Elizabeth C. Gaskell: A Bibliographical Catalogue of First and Early Editions, 1848-1866. (NANCY S. WEYANT)
  • Spadoni, Carl. A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock. (THOMAS B. VINCENT)
  • Windle, John, and Karma Pippin. Thomas Frognall Dibdin, 1776-1847: A Bibliography. (T. H. HOWARD-HILL)

Volume 94:4 December 2000

  • BSA PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: “Dear Lawrence,” “Dear Bill”: William A. Jackson, Lawrence C. Wroth, and the Practice of Bibliography in America By ROGER E. STODDARD
  • Electrifying Research in Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts By GREGORY A. PASS
  • Identifying and Tracking paper Stocks in Early Modern London By DAVID L. GANTS
  • Letter Manuals, Literary Innovation, and the Problem of Defining Genre in Anglo-American Epistolary Instruction, 1568-1800 By KONSTANTIN DIERKS
  • The Early Publication History of Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border By JANE MILLGATE

Book Reviews

  • Arbour, Keith. Benjamin Franklin’s First Government Printing: The Pennsylvania General Loan Office Mortgage Register of 1729. (J. A. LEO LEMAY)
  • Benton, Megan L. Beauty and the Book: Fine Editions and Cultural Distinction in America. (MARTIN W. HUTNER)
  • Eddy, Donald D. A Bibliography of Richard Hurd. (JAMES E. MAY)
  • Gatch, Milton McC. The Yeats Family and the Book circa 1900. Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Grolier Club, 26 January – 13 March 2000. (GEORGE BORNSTEIN)
  • Howsam, Leslie. Kegan Paul: A Victorian Imprint. Publishers, Books, and Cultural History. (JOSEF L. ALTHOLZ)
  • Kilgour, Frederick G. The Evolution of the Book. (DANIEL TRAISTER)
  • Reese, William S. Stamped with a National Character: Nineteenth-Century American Color Plate Books. (MARIE KOREY)