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Volume 96

Volume 96:1 March 2002

  • Printed Superior Figures in Nicholas Jenson’s Lawbooks, 1478–80 By DAVID R. CARLSON
  • What Price Shakespeare?: James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps and the Shilling Shakespeares of the 1860s By MARVIN SPEVACK
  • Versions of a Text: “A Drama of Exile” as a Test Case for a New Edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Collected Poems By SANDRA M. DONALDSON
  • Kipling and the Pirates By DAVID ALAN RICHARDS

Bibliographical Notes

The Early Editions and Reception of John Tutchin’s The Tribe of Levi By ALAN ROPER

Book Reviews

  • Cinamon, Gerald. Rudolf Koch: Letterer, Type Designer, Teacher. (KAY AMERT)
  • Erdman, Axel. My Gracious Silence: Women in the Mirror of Sixteenth Century Printing in Western Europe. (GWYNNE KENNEDY)
  • McMullen, Haynes. American Libraries before 1876. (THOMAS AUGST)
  • O’Brien, Philip M. T. E. Lawrence: A Bibliography. (JEFFREY MEYERS)
  • Pollard, Mary. A Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade, 1550–1800, Based on the Records of the Guild of St Luke the Evangelist, Dublin. (CHARLES BENSON)
  • Szirmai, J. A. The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding. (NICHOLAS PICKWOAD)

Volume 96:2 June 2002

  • Middleton and Rowley — and Heywood: The Old Law and New Attribution Technologies By GARY TAYLOR
  • Act Divisions in the Shakespeare First Folio By JAMES HIRSH
  • Between the Stage and the Book: John Murray and the Publication of Drama, 1812–19 By MASSIMILIANO DEMATA

Bibliographical Notes

The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man by James Weldon Johnson: The 1927 Knopf Edition By CLAIRE HOERTZ BADARACCO

Book Reviews

  • Archer, Caroline. The Kynoch Press: The Anatomy of a Printing House. (DAVID J. CHAMBERS)
  • Bornstein, George. Material Modernism: The Politics of the Page. And Paul C. Gutjahr and Megan L. Benton, eds. Illuminating Letters: Typography and Literary Interpretation. (JAMES L. W. WEST III)
  • Duffy, Patrick. The Skilled Compositor, 1850–1914: An Aristocrat among Working Men. (T. H. HOWARD-HILL)
  • Higgitt, John. The Murthly Hours: Devotion, Literacy and Luxury in Paris, England and the Gaelic West. (PRISCILLA BAWCUTT)
  • Johnston, Alastair. Alphabets to Order: The Literature of Nineteenth-Century Typefounders’ Specimens. (JERRY KELLY)
  • Morris, Ellen K., and Edward S. Levin. The Art of Publishers’ Bookbindings, 1815–1915. (ANDREA KRUPP)
  • Mosser, Daniel W., Michael Saffle, and Ernest W. Sullivan II, eds. Puzzles in Paper: Concepts in Historical Watermarks; Essays from the International Conference on the History, Function and Study of Watermarks, Roanoke, Virginia. (DAVID L. GANTS)
  • Rose, Jonathan. The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Wilson, Robert A. Seeing Shelley Plain: Memories of New York’s Legendary Phoenix Book Shop. (BARBARA A. BRANNON)
  • Zboray, Ronald J., and Mary Saracino Zboray. A Handbook for the Study of Book History in the United States. (DANIEL TRAISTER)

Volume 96:3 September 2002

  • The Description of Bookcloth: Making a Case for More Precision By WILLMAN SPAWN AND THOMAS E. KINSELLA
  • Papermaking in New England before 1675? A Document and a Challenge By KEITH ARBOUR
  • From the Sale Catalogues of the Libraries of Dr. Richard Farmer, George Steevens, and Isaac Reed By ARTHUR SHERBO
  • Uncertain Proofs: Alexander Pope, Lewis Theobald, and Questions of Patronage By MICHAEL F. SUAREZ, S.J.

Bibliographical Notes

Addenda to McDonald et al., Miller, and NAIP: Two Previously Unlocated Pennsylvania Gazette Carriers’ Addresses for 1761 and 1762 By KAREN NIPPS

Book Reviews

  • Barker, Nicolas, ed. The Aldine Press: Catalogue of the Ahmanson-Murphy Collection of Books by or Relating to the Press in the Library of the University of California, Los Angeles, Incorporating Works Recorded Elsewhere. (CRAIG KALLENDORF)
  • Brownrigg, Linda L., and Margaret M. Smith, eds. Interpreting and Collecting Fragments of Medieval Books. (A. S. G. EDWARDS)
  • Elliott, David B. Charles Fairfax Murray: The Unknown Pre-Raphaelite. (MARIE KOREY)
  • Glen, Duncan. Printing Type Designs: A New History from Gutenberg to 2000. (DEREK NUTTALL)
  • Hellinga, Lotte, et al., eds. The Bookshop of the World: The Role of the Low Countries in the Book-Trade, 1473–1941. (EDWIN VAN MEERKERK)
  • Pearson, David, ed. “For the Love of the Binding”: Studies in Bookbinding History Presented to Mirjam Foot. (CLIVE HURST)
  • Spevack, Marvin. James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps: The Life and Works of the Shakespearean Scholar and Bookman. (MARIAN J. PRINGLE)
  • Tattersfield, Nigel. John Bewick, Engraver on Wood, 1760– 1795. An Appreciation of His Life together with an Annotated Catalogue of His Illustrations and Designs. (PETER ISAAC†)

Volume 96:4 December 2002

  • William B. Todd Elected an Honorary Member of the Bibliographical Society of America By MICHAEL WINSHIP
  • Newspapers and Bibliography: The Importance of Artifacts By HOPE MAYO
  • Reading the Newspaper: Newsprint and Modern Memory By NICHOLSON BAKER
  • Go Down, Moses [and Other Stories]: Bibliography as a Novel Approach to a Question of Genre By PETER CASTER
  • “A most exquisite Mechanic”: Labor and Leisure, Printing and Authorship in the Periodical Essays of Benjamin Franklin By JOSEPH CHAVES
  • Restoring Order: The École des Chartes and the Organization of Archives and Libraries in France, 1820-70 By LARA MOORE

Book Reviews

  • Bower, Peter, ed. The Oxford Papers: Proceedings of the British Association of Paper Historians Fourth Annual Conference, Held at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 17-19 September 1993; and The Exeter Papers: Proceedings of the British Association of Paper Historians Fifth Annual Conference, Hope Hall, University of Exeter, 23-25 September 1994. (JOHN BIDWELL)
  • Chambers, M. Clark. Kay Boyle: A Bibliography (JAMES R. KELLY)
  • Garrioch, David, Harold love, Brian McMullin, and Meredith Sherlock, eds. The Culture of the Book: Essays from Two Hemispheres in Honour of Wallace Kirsop. (BILL BELL)
  • Gravell, Thomas L., and Geroge Miller. American Watermarks, 1690-1835. (JEFFREY BARR)
  • McLean, Ruari. True to Type. (RICHARD LANDON)
  • Maslen, Keith. Samuel Richardson of London, Printer: A Study of His Printing Based on Ornament Use and Business Accounts. (JOHN A. DUSSINGER)
  • Newbolt, Peter. William Tinsley (1831-1902), “Speculative Publisher”: A Commentary. With a Check-list of Books Published by Tinsley Brothers, 1854-1888. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Reske, Christoph. Die Produktion der Schedelschen Weltchronik in Nürnberg. (BETTINA WAGNER)
  • Scottish Center for the History of the Book. The Book: A CD-ROM History. (KATHARINE KYES LEAB)
  • Smith, Margaret M. The Title-Page: Its Early Development, 1460-1510. (ELEANOR F. SHEVLIN)