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Volume 98

Volume 98:1 March 2004

  • Things That Go Bump in the Text: Captain Thomas Stukely By MARTIN WIGGINS
  • Daniel Defoe, Nathaniel Mist, and the General History of the Pyrates By ARNE BIALUSCHEWSKI
  • “Small-Scale Copyrights”?: Quotation Marks in Theory and in Practice By EDMUND G. C. KING
  • A Provisional Stemma for Drafts and Revisions of Tennessee Williams’s The Night of the Iguana (1961) By BRIAN PARKER

Bibliographical Note

More on Padraic Colum By ARTHUR SHERBO

Review Essays

  • Barnard, John, and D. F. McKenzie, eds. The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Vol. 4: 1557-1695. (T. H. HOWARD-HILL)
  • Tschudin, Peter F. Grundzüge der Papiergeschichte. (JOHN BIDWELL)

Book Reviews

  • The Pleasures of Bibliophily. Fifty Years of The Book Collector: An Anthology. (LESLIE A. MORRIS)
  • Desmond, Ray. Great Natural History Books and Their Creators (PHILIP J. WEIMERSKIRCH)
  • Hellinga, Lotte, and J. B. Trapp, eds. The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain. Vol. 3: 1400–1557. (WILLIAM P. STONEMAN)
  • King, Edmund M. B. Victorian Decorated Trade Bindings, 1830– 1880: A Descriptive Bibliography. (ANDREA KRUPP)
  • Künast, Hans-Jörg, and Helmut Zäh. Die Bibliothek Konrad Peutingers. Edition der historischen Kataloge und Rekonstruktion der Bestände. Band I: Die autographen Kataloge Peutingers. Der nicht-juristische Bibliotheksteil. (JOHN L. FLOOD)
  • Turner, Catherine. Marketing Modernism between the Two World Wars. (GEORGE BORNSTEIN)

Volume 98:2 June 2004

  • Compositorial Practices in Seventeenth-Century Naples By CARLO DUMONTET
  • “The Work Should Be Done with Economy”: Montana’s Law and Legislative Journal Printing, 1883-9 By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in the Public Domain By WILLIAM S. BROCKMAN
  • Josephine Johnson and Clifton Fadiman at Simon and Schuster: The Genesis of a Pulitzer By LAURA RATTRAY

Book Reviews

  • Bridwell Library. Peter Schoeffer, Printer of Mainz: A Quincentenary Exhibition at Bridwell Library, 8 September – 8 December 2003. (MILTON MCC. GATCH)
  • Cohen, Morton N., and Edward Wakeling, eds. Lewis Carroll and His Illustrators: Collaborations and Correspondence, 1865-1898. (SELWYN GOODACRE)
  • Herbert, Edward D., and Emanual Tov, eds. The Bible as Book: The Hebrew Bible and the Judean Desert Discoveries. (DAVID MARCUS)
  • Hobson, Anthony. Renaissance Book Collecting: Jean Grolier and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Their Books and Bindings. (H. GEORGE FLETCHER)
  • Kidd, Peter. Medieval Manuscripts from the Collection of T. R. Buchanan in the Bodleian Library. (MARGARET MESERVE)
  • McKitterick, David. Print, Manuscript and the Search for Order, 1450-1830. (JOSEPH BLACK)
  • Simoni, Anna E. C. The Ostend Story: Early Tales of the Great Siege and the Mediating Role of Henrik van Haestens. (ANTON VAN DER LEM)
  • Smith, Walter E. Anthony Trollope: A Bibliography of His First American Editions, 1859-1884. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Yardini, Ada. The Book of Hebrew Script: History, Palaeography, Script Styles, Calligraphy and Design. (MARVIN J. HELLER)

Volume 98:3 September 2004

  • Mars and Minerva on the Hebrew Title-Page By MARVIN J. HELLER
  • John Whitefoord Mackenzie and the Percy Society: Documents in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University By MICHAEL P. KUCZYNSKI
  • William Beckford’s Authorship of Modern Novel Writing and Azemia By ROBERT J. GEMMETT
  • “Of Papa Always and Always”: Thackeray’s Daughter and the Early Publishing History of Denis Duval By JOHN APLIN

Bibliographical Note

Maloniana Revisited By ARTHUR SHERBO

Review Essay

Gutenberg Bibles in Electronic Facsimile By PAUL NEEDHAM

Book Reviews

  • British Architectural Library, Royal Institute of British Architects. Early Printed Books, 1478–1840: Catalogue of the British Archi- tectural Library Early Imprints Collection. (CLAUDIA FUNKE)
  • Cave, Roderick, and Sarah Manson. A History of the Golden Cockerel Press, 1920–1960; and Tidcombe, Marianne. The Doves Press. (WILLIAM S. PETERSON)
  • Chatelain, Jean-Marc. La Bibliothèque de l’Honnête Homme: Livres, Lecture et Collections en France à l’Age Classique. (IAN JACKSON)
  • Gingerich, Owen. Annotated Census of Copernicus; De revolutionibus. (SCOTT MANDELBROTE)
  • Griffiths, David N. The Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer, 1549–1999. (ISAAC GEWIRTZ)
  • Jackson, MacDonald P. Defining Shakespeare: Pericles as Test Case. (SUZANNE GOSSETT)
  • James, Elizabeth, ed. Macmillan: A Publishing Tradition from 1843. (JONATHAN TOPHAM)
  • Lock, Margaret. Bookbinding Materials and Techniques, 1700–1920. (NANCY H. NITZBERG)

Volume 98:4 December 2004

  • G. Thomas Tanselle Elected an Honorary Member of the Bibliographical Society of America
  • The Bibliographical Society of America at 100: Past and Future By HOPE MAYO
  • Evoking Byron from Manuscript to Print: Benjamin Disraeli’s Venetia By ANN R. HAWKINS
  • Rings and Anagrams: Huygens’s System of Saturn By NICOLE HOWARD

Review Essay

  • The Work of D. F. McKenzie By G. THOMAS TANSELLE
  • The Study and Story of Books in Early America By MATTHEW P. BROWN

Book Reviews

  • Gilmont, Jean-François. Le L’livre et ses secrets. (STEPHEN RAWLES)
  • Guillo, Laurent. Pierre I Ballard et Robert III Ballard, Imprimeurs du roy pour la musique, 1599–1673. (D. W. KRUMMEL)
  • King, Julia, and Laila Miletic-Vejzovic. The Library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf: A Short-Title Catalog. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Murphy, Andrew. Shakespeare in Print: A History and Chronology of Shakespeare Publishing. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Satterfield, Jay. The World’s Best Books: Taste, Culture, and the Modern Library. (GORDON B. NEAVILL)