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Volume 102

Volume 102:1 March 2008

  • The Genesis of Jan Struys’s Perillous Voyages and the Business of the Book Trade in the Dutch Republic By KEES BOTERBLOEM
  • The Attribution of Books to Publishers: Edmund Curll and the Memoirs of John Macky By PAT ROGERS and PAUL BAINES
  • The Production of Three-volume Novels in Britain, 1863-97 By TROY BASSETT
  • Cinematic License: Editorial Imprints on the Hollywood Novels of Horace McCoy By LAURA RATTRAY

Bibliographical Note

Seized, Burnt, and Variant: Bibliographical Note on Nathaniel Bacon, An Historicall Discourse of the Uniformity of the Government of England [1672] By JOSEPH A. DANE

Book Reviews

  • Auverman, Detlev, and Anthony Payne. The Society of Jesus, 1548–1773: A Catalogue of Books by Jesuit Authors and Works Relating to the Society of Jesus…. (JILL G. THOMAS)
  • Cohen, Ronald I. Bibliography of the Writings of Sir Winston Churchill. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Coppens, Chris, Mark Derez, and Jan Roegiers, eds. Leuven University Library, 1425–2000. ( JAMES R. KELLY)
  • Cotsen Children’s Library. A Catalogue of the Cotsen Children’s Library, Vols. 1 and 2: The Twentieth Century. (MICHAEL JOSEPH)
  • Dearing, Vinton A. A Primer of Textual Geometry. (PETER L. SHILLINGSBURG)
  • Dugas, Don-John. Marketing the Bard: Shakespeare in Performance and Print, 1660–1740. (PETER HOLLAND)
  • Gatch, Milton McC. The Library of Leander van Ess and the Earliest American Collections of Reformation Pamphlets. (JOHN L. FLOOD)
  • Gillespie, Raymond, and Andrew Hadfield, eds. The Irish Book in English, 1550–1800. (JASON HARRIS)
  • Gilmont, Jean-François. Le livre réformé au XVIe siècle. (ANDREA FRISCH)
  • Maravelas, Paul. Letterpress Printing: A Manual for Modern Fine Press Printers. (STEPHEN KENT MILLER)
  • Parks, Stephen, ed. First-Line Index of English Poetry, 1500–1800, in Manuscripts of the James M. and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection…. (GARTH BOND)
  • Quaritch, Bernard, and Michael Kerney. The Spanish Letter of Columbus: A Facsimile of the Original Edition Published by Bernard Quaritch in 1801. (DANIEL J. SLIVE)
  • Schwarz, Arthur L. Dear Mr. Cockerell, Dear Mr. Peirce: An Annotated Description of the Correspondence of Sidney C. Cockerell and Harold Peirce in the Grolier Club Archive. (MICHAEL RYAN)
  • Stoddard, Roger E. Jacques-Charles Brunet, Le Grand Bibliographe: A Guide to the Books He Wrote, Compiled, and Edited, and to the Book-Auction Catalogues He Expertised. (NINA MUSINSKY)
  • Weber, Jeff. The Fore-Edge Paintings of John T. Beer: A Bibliographical and Historical Essay Followed by a Catalogue Raisonné Based on the Sale of His Library…. (ROWAN WATSON)

Publications Received

  • Abbott, Craig. Forging Fame: The Strange Career of Scharmel Iris. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2007. xii, 192 pp. Illus. Cloth, $34.00 (isbn 978-0-87580-376-0).
  • Baron, Sabrina Alcorn Baron, Eric N. Lindquist, and Eleanor F. Shevlin, eds. Agent of Change: Print Culture Studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein. (Studies in Print Culture and the History of the Book.) Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, in association with The Center of the Book, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 2007. 442 pp. Paper, $29.95 (isbn 978-1-55849-593-7).
  • Boro, Joyce, ed. The Castell of Love: A Critical Edition of Lord Berners=s Romance. (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 336.) Tempe, AR: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2007. viii, 298 pp. Boards, $42.29 (isbn 978-0-86698-384-6).
  • Cope, Kevin L., and Robert C. Leitz, III, general eds. ECCB: The Eighteenth Century Current Bibliography. N.S. Volume 29 for 2003. New York: AMS Press, 2007. xi, 688 pp. Cloth, $345.00 (isbn 0-404-62231-3; issn 0161-0996).
  • Hanna, Robert C. Dickens=s Nonfictional, Theatrical, and Poetical Writings: An Annotated Bibliography, 1820-2000. (AMS Studies in the Nineteenth Century.) New York, NY: AMS Press, 2007. xxi, 579 pp. Cloth, $187.50 (issn 0196-657x).
  • Holliday, Peter. Edward Johnston: Master Calligrapher. London: The British Library; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2007. xx, 389 pp. Cloth, $49.95 (isbn 978-07123-49277 BL; 978-1-58456-198-9).
  • Kirsop, Wallace, ed., with the assistance of Meredith Sherlock. The Commonwealth of Books: Essays and Studies in Honour of Ian Willison. Clayton, Vic.: Centre for the Book, Monash University, 2007. ix, 271 pp. Illus. Cloth, Aus. $70.00 (isbn 978-0-7326-4002-6); Distributed in the Northern Hemisphere by Oak Knoll Press, 310 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE 19720 ($70.00).
  • Landon, Richard. Humane Letters: Bruce Rogers, designer of Books and Artist. With an Introductory Essay on Collecting Bruce Rogers by Thomas T. Schweitzer. An Exhibition at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, 24 September – 21 December, 2007. Toronto, Ont.: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, 2007. 112 pp. Illus. Paper, No price given. (isbn 978-0-7727-6063-0).
  • Markham, Sheila. A Book of Booksellers: Conversations with the Antiquarian Book Trade, 1991-2003. London: Sheila Markham Rare Books; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2007. 323 pp. Illus. Paper, ,15.99 (isbn 0-9547997-1-2); $29.95 (isbn 958-1-58456-207-8).
  • Miller, David, and Richard Price. British Poetry Magazines, 1914-2000: A History and Bibliography of >Little Magazines.= London: The British Library; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2006. xviii, 452 pp. Hardcover, $95.00 (isbn 1-58456-197-1; (isbn 0-7123-4941-3).
  • Myers, Robin, Michael Harris, and Giles Mandelbrote, eds. Books on the Move; Tracking Copies through Collections and the Book Trade. (Publishing Pathways.) New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press; London, The British Library, 2007. xv, 164 pp. Illus. Hardcover, $49.95 (isbn 978-1-58456-219-1; isbn 978-0-7123-0986-8).
  • Raven, James. The Business of Books: Booksellers and the English Book Trade, 1450-1859. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007. xviii, 495 pp. Illus. Cloth, $65.00 (isbn 978-3000-12261-9).
  • Schimmelman, Janice G. Books on Art in Early America: Books on Art, Aesthetics and Instruction Available in American Libraries and Bookstores through 1815. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2007. ix, 280 pp. Hardcover, $65.00 (isbn 978-1-58456-214-6).
  • Spawn, Willman, and Thomas E. Kinsella. American Signed Bindings Through 1876. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press; Bryn Mawr: Bryn Mawr College Library, 2007. 299 pp. Illus. Cloth, $45.00 or ,49.99 (isbn 978-1-58436-208-5).
  • Strauss, Jennifer, ed. The Collected Verse of Mary Gilmore. Two volumes. Volume two: 1930-1962. (The Academy Editions of Australian Literature.) St. Lucia, Queensland: Univ .of Queensland Press, 2004. xxxvi, 832 pp. Paper, Aus. $175.00 (isbn 978-0-7022-3502-4).
  • Trogdon, Robert W. The Lousy Racket: Hemingway, Scribners, and the Business of Literature. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2007. ix, 307 pp. Cloth, $39.95 (isbn 978-0-87338-904-4).

Volume 102:2 June 2008

  • Estimating Editions on the Basis of Survivals: Printed Programmes of Jesuit Plays in the Provincia Flandro-Belgica before 1773, with a Note on the “Book Historical Law” By GORAN PROOT and LEO EGGHE
  • “The Best Holidays on the Globe”: Charles Francis, American Typothetae, and the Federation of New Zealand Master Printers By NOEL WAITE
  • Jean Ingelow in the Youth’s Magazine By MAURA IVES
  • Kipling and the Bibliographers By DAVID ALAN RICHARDS

Review Essay

Hellinga, Lotte, ed. Catalogue of Books Printed in the XVth Century Now in the British Library By ERIC MARSHALL WHITE

Book Reviews

  • Dawson, Robert L. Confiscations at Customs: Banned Books and the French Booktrade during the Last Years of the Ancien
  • Howsam, Leslie. Old Books and New Histories: An Orientation to Studies in Book and Print Culture. (DANIEL E. TRAISTER)
  • Kosofsky, Scott-Martin, ed. The SP Century: Boston’s Society of Printers through One Hudred Years of Change.(SIDNEY E. BERGER)
  • Mandelbrote, Giles, ed. Out of Print and into Profit: A History of the Rare and Secondhand Book Trade in Britain in the
  • Twentieth Century. (JOHN CRICHTON)
  • Peterson, William S. John Betjeman: A Bibliography. (KEVIN J. GARDNER)
  • Reps, John W. John Caspar Wild; Painter and Printmaker of Nineteenth Century America; and Barnhill, Georgia Brady.
  • Bibliography on American Prints of the Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Centuries. (JOHN NEAL HOOVER)
  • Seale, William. The Alexandra Library Company. (JEFFREY H. RICHARDS)
  • Shell, Alison, and Alison Emblow, eds. Index to the Court Books of the Stationers’ Company, 1679–1717. (WILLIAM PROCTOR WILLIAMS)
  • Sher, Richard B. The Enlightenment and the Book: Scottish Authors and Their Publishers in Eighteenth-century Britain,
  • Ireland, and America. (STEPHEN W. BROWN)

Volume 102:3 September 2008

  • The Authorship of A Lover’s Complaint: A New Approach to the Problem By MACD. P. JACKSON
  • Repetition Brackets: Plus or Minus? A Reinterpretation of the Evidence in The Woman’s Prize and A Wife for a Month By MEG POWERS LIVINGSTON
  • The Bear Motif in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Hebrew Books By MARVIN J. HELLER
  • Another Anonymous Compilation from Samuel Richardson’s Press: A Select Manual of Devotions for Sick Persons (1733) By JOHN A. DUSSINGER

Book Reviews

  • Barnard, Megan, ed. Collecting the Imagination: The First Fifty Years of the Ransom Center. (STEPHEN ENNISS)
  • Berger, Sidney E. Edward Seymour and the Fancy Paper Company: The Story of a British Marbled Paper Manufacturer. (FRANK TRUJILLO)
  • Cushing, Stanley Ellis, and David B. Dearinger. Acquired Tastes: Two Hundred Years of Collecting for the Boston Athenæum. (JOHN NEAL HOOVER)
  • Dodd, Robin. From Gutenberg to Opentype: An Illustrated History of Type from the Earliest Letterforms to the Latest Digital Fonts. (KAY AMERT)
  • Doubleday, Richard B. Jan Tschichold: The Penguin Years. (GERALD CINAMON)
  • Faulhaber, Charles B., and Stephen Vincent, eds. Exploring the Bancroft Library: the Centennial Guide to Its Extraordinary
  • History…. (BEN PRIMER)
  • Foss, Peter J. A Bibliography of Llewelyn Powys. (JEFFREY MEYERS)
  • Lesage, Claire, Éve Netchine, and Véronique Sarrazin. Catalogues de libraires, 1473–1810. (KENNETH E. CARPENTER)
  • Macfarlane, Robert. Original Copy: Plagiarism and Originality in Nineteenth-century Literature. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Sherman, William H. Used Books: Marking Readers in Renaissance England. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Shillingsburg, Peter L. From Gutenberg to Google: Electronic Representation of Literary Texts. (MICHAEL T. RYAN)
  • Spawn, Willman, and Thomas E. Kinsella. American Signed Bindings through 1876. (STEVE BEARE)
  • Trowles, Tony. A Bibliography of Westminster Abbey: A Guide to the Literature of Westminster Abbey, Westminster School and
  • St Margaret’s Church Published Between 1571 and 2000. (CHRISTOPHER COOK)

Publications Received

  • A.E.H. A.W.P.: A Classical Friendship [Ed. H. R. Woudhuysen]. Tunbridge Wells, Kent: The Foundling Press and Bernard Quaritch, London, 2006. 68 pp. Illus. Cloth, £60.00 (isbn not given).
  • Bartram, Alan. Typeforms: A History. London: British Library; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2007. 128 pp. Illus. Cloth, £27.50 (isbn 978-0-7123-0971-4); $55.00 (isbn 978-1-58456-222-1).
  • De Bellis, Jack, and Michael Broomfield. John Updike: A Bibliography of Secondary Materials, 1948-2007. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2007. 2 vols. (xvi, 608 pp.; CD-ROM). Cloth, $195.00 (isbn 978-1-58456-195-8).
  • Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction. Volume 38. Ed. Stanley Friedman, Edward Guiliano, Anne Humpherys, Talia Schaffer, and Michael Timko. New York, NY: AMS Press, 2007. x, 501 pp. Cloth, $157.50 (isbn 0-404-18938-5; ISSN 0-404-18938-5).
  • Dolgodrova, Tatiana Alekseevna. Katalog khudozhestvennykh pereplëtov sobraniia Karla Bekhera [Tr: Catalog of decorative bindings in the collection of Carl Becher]. (Kollektsii rossiiskoi gosudarstvennoi biblioteki [Tr: Collections of the Russian State Library]). Moscow: Pashkov dom, 2007. 400 pp. illus. Paper, R500 or ₤25.00 or €35.00 or $45.00 (isbn 5-7510-0353-5).
  • Fergus, Jan. Provincial Readers in Eighteenth-Century England. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. 326 pp. Illus. Hardback, £66.00 or $125.00 (isbn 978-0-19-929782-5).
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  • Johnson, Kevin. The Dark Pages: Books that Inspired American Film Noir, 1940-1949. Foreword by Paul Schrader. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2007. xiii, 378 pp. Illus. Cloth, $95.00 (isbn 978-1-58456-217-7).
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Volume 102:4 December 2008

  • Biographical Dictionaries of the Book Trades By JOHN BIDWELL
  • Booksellers’ Catalogues and the Classification of Printed Drama in Seventeenth-century England By ADAM G. HOOKS
  • The Authority of Presence: The Development of the English Author Portrait, 1500–1640 By SARAH HOWE
  • Modernist Excision and Its Consequences By HANNAH SULLIVAN

Book Reviews

  • Abbott, Craig. Forging Fame: The Strange Career of Scharmel Iris. (ANTHONY BLISS)
  • Contursi, James L. Umberto Eco: An Annotated Bibliography of First and Important Editions. (JOHN PAUL RUSSO)
  • Coppens, Christian. Printers and Readers in the Sixteenth Century…. (ANGELA NUOVO)
  • Fries, Waldemar H. The Double Elephant Folio: The Story of Audubon’s “Birds of America.” (JOHN N. HOOVER)
  • Holliday, Peter. Edward Johnston: Master Calligrapher. (KAY AMERT †)
  • Kerr, Donald Jackson. Amassing Treasures for All Times: Sir George Grey, Colonial Bookman and Collector. (IAIN SHARP)
  • Kirsop, Wallis, ed. The Commonwealth of Books: Essays and Studies in Honour of Ian Willison. (BERTRUM H. MACDONALD)
  • Markham, Sheila. A Book of Booksellers: Conversations with the Antiquarian Book Trade, 1991–2003. (LESLIE A. MORRIS)
  • Martin, William H., and Sandra Mason. The Art of Omar Khayyam: Illustrating FitzGerald’s “Rubaiyat.” (MICHELLE KAISERLIAN)
  • Miller, David, and Richard Price. British Poetry Magazines, 1914–2000: A History and Bibliography of “Little Magazines.” (WILLIAM BAKER)


Book Catalogues, Tomorrow and Beyond: Proceedings of the 2008 Conference Sponsored by the Grolier Club and the Bibliographical Society of America

Publications Received

  • Allison, Will. What you have Left: A Novel. New York: Free Press, 2007. 227pp. Paper, $14.00 ( ISBN 1-4165-4140-3).
  • Bowen, Karen L., and Dirk Imhof. Christopher Plantin and Engraved Book Illustrations in Sixteenth-Century Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008 pp. xvi, 458 pp. Illus. Cloth, $140.00 (ISBN 978-0-521-85276-0).
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