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Volume 91

Volume 91:1 March 1997

  • Histrionics and Authority: Colly Cibber and Performance-Influenced Variants in the 1713 Cato Duodecimo By LUIS R. GAMEZ
  • The Consolation Tradition and the Text of Chaucer’s Boece By TIM WILLIAM MACHAN
  • A Census of Copies of Thomas Say’s American Conchology, New Harmony, 1830–1834 [Philadelphia 1837?] By IAN MACPHAIL AND MARJORIE SUTTON
  • Printing Bibles in the Interregnum: The Case of William Bentley and A Short Answer By WILLIAM M. BAILLIE

Bibliographical Note

Six Additions to the Fortune Press “Hand-list” By STEVEN E. SMITH

Book Reviews

  • Blackwell, Kenneth, and Harry Ruja. A Bibliography of Bertrand Russell. (JOHN VALDIMIR PRICE)
  • Grigely, Joseph. Textualterity: Art, Theory, and Textual Criticism. (DAVID GREETHAM)
  • Remer, Rosalind. Printers and Men of Capital: Philadelphia Book Publishers in the New Republic. (HENDRIK EDELMAN)
  • Ross, Charles L., and Dennis Jackson. Editing D. H. Lawrence: New Versions of a Modern Author. (JUDITH RUDERMAN)
  • Selwyn, David G. The Library of Thomas Cranmer. (NICHOLAS W. S. CRANFIELD)
  • Smith, Steven E. Roy Fuller: A Bibliography. (B. C. BLOOMFIELD)
  • Symons, H. J. M., and H. R. Denham. A Catalogue of Printed Books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library, IV: Books Printed from 1641–1850. (PHILIP M. TEIGEN)

Volume 91:2 June 1997

BSA Annual Address

  • Is the History of Reading a Marginal Enterprise? Guillaume Bude and His Books By ANTHONY GRAFTON
  • Advertisements for Herself: The Anais Nin Press By BENJAMIN FRANKLIN V
  • The Beginnings of Printing in Anglo-Saxon, 1565–1630 By RICHARD W. CLEMENT

Book Reviews

  • Albaugh, Gaylord P. History and Annotated Bibliography of American Religious Periodicals and Newspapers Established from 1730 through 1830, with Library Locations and Microform Sources. (KEITH ARBOUR)
  • Bischoff, Bernhard. Manuscripts and Libraries in the Age of Charlemagne. Edited and translated by Michael M. Gorman. (RICHARD W. PFAFF)
  • Broderson, Martha, Beth Luey, Audrey Brichette Morris, and Rosanne Trujillo. A Guide to Publishers’ Archives.
  • Weedon, Alexis, and Michael Bott. British Book Trade Archives, 1830–1939: A Location Register. (BARBARA A. BRANNON)
  • Iovrnael ofte Gedenchwaerdige beschrijvinghe vande Oost-Indische Reyse van Willem Ysbrantsz. Bontekoe van Hoorn: Descriptieve Bibliografie, 1646–1996, ed. Garrelt Verhoeven and Piet Verkruijsse. (MICHAEL WINSHIP)
  • Geoffrey Nunberg, ed. With an afterword by Umberto Eco. The Future of the Book. (ELIZABETH L. EISENSTEIN)

Volume 91:3 September 1997

  • In Search of a Patron: Anguillara’s Vernacular Virgil and the Print Culture of Renaissance Italy By CRAIG KALLENDORF
  • Capturing the Bard: An Episode in the American Publication of Shakespeare’s Plays, 1822–1851 By ROSALIND REMER
  • John Murray’s Colonial and Home Library By ANGUS FRASER
  • “Good Square Men in Their Dealings”: Wyoming Territory’s Imported Public Printers By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG

Bibliographical Note

Edward Allde’s Types in Sheets E–K of Romeo and Juliet Q1 By CHIAKI HANABUSA

Book Reviews

  • Kimmelman, Burt.The Poetics of Authorship in the Later Middle Ages: The Emergence of the Modern Literary Persona. (SCOTT GWARA)
  • Myers, Robin, and Michael Harris, eds. Antiquaries, Book Collectors, and the Circles of Knowledge. (BRUCE WHITEMAN)
  • Tidcombe, Marianne. Women Bookbinders, 1880–1920. (SUE ALLEN)
  • Waldsdorf, John J. Julian Symons: A Bibliography: With Commentaries and a Personal Memoir by Julina Symons and a Preface by H. R. F. Keating. (STEVEN E. SMITH)
  • McGrew, Mac. American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century. (DAVID PANKOW)
  • West, Richard Samuel, and Steven Lomazow. Bibliography of American Literature in Periodicals: 19th Century. (KEITH ARBOUR)

Volume 91:4 December 1997

Marks in Books:
Proceedings of the 1997 BSA Conference
Roger E. Stoddard, Guest Editor

  • Marks in Books: The Conference By ROGER E. STODDARD
  • At the Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, January 27, 1997 By ROGER E. STODDARD
  • Problems of Decoration and Provenance of Incunables Illuminated by North Italian Miniaturists By LILIAN ARMSTRONG
  • Institutional Management of Book Stocks By DAVID MCKITTERICK
  • The Rosenthal Collection of Printed Books with Manuscript Annotations By BERNARD M. ROSENTHAL
  • The Implications of Incunable Description for the History of Reading Revisited By PAUL SAENGER

Works in Progress

  • Exploring and Recording Provenance: Initiatives and Possibilities By DAVID PEARSON
  • Provenance Evidence and Printing and Publishing Evidence: Use and Revision of the RBMS Thesauri By DEBORAH J. LESLIE
  • The Recording of Marks of Provenance in the Bibliothèque National de France and Other French Libraries By URSULA BAURMEISTER
  • Index possessorum incunabulorum (IPI): Notes on the Ownerships of Incunables By PAUL NEEDHAM
  • English and Scottish Ownership of Printed Books, 1450–1557: Report on a Database for The History of the Book in Britain, Volume III By MARGARET LANE FORD
  • Private Libraries in Renaissance England: A Progress Report By E. S. LEEDHAM-GREEN
  • The “Marks in Books” Project of the Bibliographical Society (London) By LOTTE HELLINGA
  • Marks of Ownership of British and American Book Collectors By DENIS WOODFIELD
  • Marks in Books and the Libraries of Henry VIII By JAMES P. CARLEY
  • Marks in Books Printed by the Brothers of the Common Life in Brussels: Production and Reception By ELLY COCKX-INDESTEGE
  • Dated and Datable Borders in English Books. c. 1395–c. 1504: Preliminary Thoughts on a Project Sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of London By KATHLEEN L. SCOTT