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Volume 92

Volume 92:1 March 1998

  • The Bookshop as “An Arsenal of Democracy”: Marion Dodd and the HampshireBookshop during World War II By BARBARA BRANNON
  • From Kelso to Edinburgh: The Origins of the Scott-Ballantyne Partnership By JANE MILLIGATE
  • Henry Chettle and the First Quarto of Romeo and Juliet By JOHN JOWETT
  • Note on Evidence of Authorial Revision in the Earliest Edition of TheAnatomie of Abuses By M. J. KIDNIE

Bibliographical Note

John Jeffrey’s Copy of Christian Morals By THOMAS WILLARD

Book Reviews

  • Arbour, Keith. Canvassing Books, Sample Books, and Subscription Publishers’ Ephemera, 1833–1951, in the Collection of Michael Zinman. (THOMAS V. LANGE)
  • Crane, Joan, with the assistance of Richard Noble. Guy Davenport: A Descriptive Bibliography, 1947–1995. (WILL GOODWIN)
  • Metz, G. Harold. Shakespeare’s Earliest Tragedy: Studies in Titus Andronicus. (MACD. P. JACKSON)
  • Ribble, Frederick, G., and Anne G. Ribble. Fielding’s Library: An Annotated Catalogue. (SIMON STERN)
  • Tarr, Rodger L. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: A Descriptive Bibliography. (ANNE BLYTHE MERIWETHER)
  • Woodward, David. Catalogue of Watermarks in Italian Printed Maps, ca. 1540–1600. (ANNA GIULIA CAVAGNA)

Volume 92:2 June 1998

  • Edward Thompson (1738?–86): The Contributions of a Satirist to the London Magazine and the Westminster Magazine By EDWARD W. PITCHER
  • Not So Marginal: Manuscript Annotations in the Folger Incunabula By MONIQUE HULVEY
  • Speech Prefixes in Some Shakespearean Quartos By RICHARD F. KENNEDY

Book Reviews

  • Hunt, Arnold, Giles Mandelbrote, and Alison Shell,, eds. The Book Trade and Its Customers, 1450–1900: Historical Essays for Robin Myers. (HUGH AMORY)
  • Macrakis, Michael S., ed. Greek Letters: From Tablets to Pixels. (G. E. LEONIDAS)
  • Moylan, Michele, and Lane Stiles, eds. Reading Books: Essays on the Material Text and Literature in America. (JOEL MYERSON)
  • Sharpe, John L., ed. Roger Powell: The Compleat Binder. (GILES BARBER)
  • Swanick, Eric L., ed. “The Book Disease”: Atlantic Provinces Book Collectors. (PATRICIA FLEMING)
  • Tomlinson, William, and Richard Masters. Bookcloth, 1823-1980. (ANDREA KRUPP)
  • Wright, C. J. Robert Cotton as Collector: Essays on an Early Stuart Courtier and His Legacy. (BRUCE WHITEMAN)

Volume 92:3 September 1998

  • The Large- and Small-Paper Copies of Dryden’s The Works of Virgil (1697): Jacob Tonson’s Investment and Profits and the Example of Paradise Lost (1688) By JOHN BARNARD
  • “Hitch Your Wagon to a Star”: The Square Dollar Series and Ezra Pound By GREG BARNHISEL
  • King Lear in an Age of Stenographical Reporduction or “On Sitting Down to Copy King Lear Again” By ADELE DAVIDSON
  • Music Publications Dated by English Watermarks, 1794-c. 1830 By LEE BRENTLINGER

Book Reviews

  • Crinelli, Lorenzo. Treasures from Italy’s Great Libraries. (SCOTT GWARA)
  • Greetham, D. C., ed. The Margins of the Text. (T. H. HOWARD-HILL)
  • Jaboor, Nan, and B. J. McMullin. James Ballantyne and Press Figures, with a Checklist of Volumes Printed by James Ballantyne (1830-1833). (G. THOMAS TANSELLE)
  • Layman, Richard, and Joel Myerson, eds. The Professions of Authorship: Essays in Honor of Matthew J. Bruccoli. (KENNETH E. CARPENTER)
  • McGrew, Mac. American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century. (DAVID PANKOW)
  • West, Richard Samuel, and Steven Lomazow. Bibliography of American Literature in Periodicals: 19th Century. (KEITH ARBOUR)

Volume 92:4 December 1998

  • Katharine F. Pantzer Elected an Honorary Member of the Bibliographical Society of America
  • A Meditation on the Variety in Scale and Context in the Modern Study of the Early Printed Heritage By LOTTE HELLINGA
  • “Till You Understand Them in Their Principal Features”: Observations on Form and Function in Nineteenth-Century American Law Books By ANN FIDLER
  • Alla Insegna del Giesù: Publishing Books and Pictures in Renaissance Venice By LISA PON
  • Sales and Prices of Shakespeare First Folios: A History, 1623 to the Present (Part One) By ANTHONY JAMES WEST

Bibliographical Notes

  • Addendum and Corrigendum to the NAIP Database: Two Kneeland Printings of the Brady-Tate Psalms, Boston, 1762 and 1766 By KEITH ARBOUR
  • The Compositors of Appius and Virginia (1654) By MACD. P. JACKSON

Book Reviews

  • Gascoigne, Bamber. Milestones in Colour Printing, 1457-1859 (MARIE KOREY)
  • Griffin, Dustin. Literary Patronage in England, 1650-1800 (ROBERT FOLKENFLIK)
  • Stopp, Claus. The Printed Birth and Baptismal Certificates of the German Americans (JOHN ROGER PAAS)