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Volume 99

Volume 99:1 March 2005

  • Unediting, De-Editing, and Editing in Nontraditional Authorship Attribution Studies: With an Emphasis on the Canon of Daniel Defoe By JOSEPH RUDMAN
  • Manners and Manuscripts: The Editorial Manufacture of Lord Chesterfield in Letters to His Son By CHRISTOPHER MAYO
  • James Boswell’s Editing of, and Contributions to, the 1821 Boswell-Malone Shakespeare By ARTHUR SHERBO
  • “No Worthless Books”: Elizabeth Peabody’s Foreign Library, 1840–52 By LESLIE PERRIN WILSON

Book Reviews

  • Alderson, Brian. Edward Ardizzione; A Bibliographic Commentary. (ROBIN GREER)
  • Delaveau, Martine, and Denise Hillard, eds. Bibles imprimées du XVe au XVIIIe siècle conservées à Paris…Catalogue collectif. (PAUL NEEDHAM)
  • Kassler, Michael, comp. Music Entries at Stationers’ Hall, 1710–1818. (OLIVER NEIGHBOUR)
  • McKendrick, Scot, and Orlaith A. O’Sullivan, eds. The Bible as Book: The Transmission of the Greek Text. (LEONARD GREENSPOON)
  • Parks, Stephen, ed. The Beinecke Library of Yale University. (BRUCE WHITEMAN)
  • Schmidt, Frieder, and Elke Sobek, comps. Internationale Bibliographie zur Papiergeschichte (IBP). (JOHN BIDWELL)
  • Updike, Daniel Berkeley. The Well-made Book: Essays and Lectures by…. (IRENE TICHNOR)
  • West, Anthony James. The Shakespeare First Folio: The History of the Book. Vol. 2: A New Worldwide Census of First Folios. (ARTHUR SHERBO)
  • Turner, Catherine. Marketing Modernism between the Two World Wars. (GEORGE BORNSTEIN)

Volume 99:2 June 2005

  • The Aims and Uses of “Textual Studies” By ROBERT D. HUME
  • The Phenomenon of the Gros Canon By KAY AMERT
  • Full Contact: Robert McAlmon, Gertrude Stein, and Modernist Book Making By MICHAEL EPP

Bibliographical Note

The Appendix to Edmond Malone’s 1790 Shakespeare, the 1821 Boswell-Malone Shakespeare, and Elizabethan Language By ARTHUR SHERBO

Review Essay

Infantes, Víctor, François Lopez, and Jean-François Botrel, eds. Historia de la edición y de la lectura en España,1472–1914. (CRAIG KALLENDORF)

Book Reviews

  • Finley, William K., and Joseph Rosenblum. Chaucer Illustrated: Five Hundred Years of The Canterbury Tales in Pictures. (BERT DILLON)
  • Freeman, Arthur, and Janet Ing Freeman. John Payne Collier: Scholarship and Forgery in the Nineteenth Century. (R. A. FOAKES)
  • Geiss, Jürgen. Zentren der Petrarca-Rezeption in Deutschland (um 1470–1525). Rezeptionsgeschichtliche Studien und Katalog der lateinischen Drucküberlieferung. (PAUL NEEDHAM)
  • Genz, Marcella D. A History of the Eragny Press, 1894–1914. (PAUL W. NASH)
  • Jensen, Kristian, ed. Incunabula and Their Readers: Printing, Selling and Using Books in the Fifteenth Century. (PAUL NEEDHAM)
  • Miedema, Nine Robijntje. Rompilgerführer in Spätmittelater und Früher Neuzeit. Die “Indulgentiae ecclesiarum urbis Romae.” (JOHN L. FLOOD)
  • North, Marcy L. The Anonymous Renaissance: Cultures of Discretion in Tudor-Stuart England. (ROBRT J. GRIFFIN)
  • Ostrowski, Carl. Books, Maps, and Politics: A Cultural History of the Library of Congress, 1783–1861. (JAMES R. KELLY)
  • Ould, Martyn, and Martyn Thomas. The Fell Revival, Describing the Casting of the Fell Types… (KAY AMERT)
  • Roldán Vera, Eugenia. The British Book Trade and Spanish American Independence; Education and Knowledge Transmission in Transcontinental Perspective. (JOSEPH GWARA)
  • Sklaventia, Triantaphyllos E., and Konstantinos Sp. Staikos, eds. The Printed Greek Book, 15th–19th Century: Acts of the International Congress, Delphi, 16–20 May, 2001. (J. H. BOWMAN)
  • Witcombe, Christopher L. C. E. Copyright in the Renaissance. Prints and the Privilegio in Sixteenth-century Venice and Rome. (ANGELA NUOVO)

Volume 99:3 September 2005

  • Proceedings of the Conference Marking the 100th Anniversary of the BSA
  • Presidential Colloquium: The Role of a Learned Society in the World of Bibliography By JOHN BIDWELL
  • A Presidential Colloquium:
    • Introduction By NICOLAS BARKER
    • W. H. Bond, 1974–6
    • Stuart Schimmel, 1976–8
    • Thomas R. Adams, 1978–80
    • Marcus A. McCorison, 1980–4
    • G. Thomas Tanselle, 1984–8
    • Wm. P. Barlow, Jr., 1992–6
    • Roger Eliot Stoddard, 1996–2000
    • Hope Mayo, 2000–4
  • Roughing It; Printing and the Press in the West: Notes on the Centennial Conference in St. Louis, 14 October 2004 By JOHN NEAL HOOVER
  • “Impenetrable Obscurity”: The Comptroller, the Secretary, and Territorial Printing By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG
  • Printing at the Fair: The Printing Exhibits at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase International Exposition By ERIN K. DAVIS
  • The Press in the West: A Roundup of Recent Work By GEORGE MILES
  • The German Press in St. Louis and Missouri in the Nineteenth Century: The Establishment of a Tradition By STEVEN ROWAN

Volume 99:4 December 2005

  • Researching The Book Nobody Read: The De revolutionibus of Nicolaus Copernicus By OWEN GINGERICH
  • Notes from a Literary Underground: Recusant Catholics, Jesuit Priests, and Scribal Publication in Elizabethan England By EARLE HAVENS
  • The History of a Novel’s Travels Abroad: Foreign Editions of Frances Burney’s Cecilia By CATHERINE M. RODRIGUEZ
  • Feminizing the Textual Body: Female Readers Consuming the Literary Annual By KATHERINE D. HARRIS

Book Reviews

  • Bennett, Stuart. Trade Binding in the British Isles, 1660–1800. (JOSEPH NEWMAN)
  • Bewick Studies: Essays in Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Thomas Bewick, 1753–1828. (JANE R. POMEROY)
  • Braun-Rau, Alexandra. William Shakespeare’s “King Lear” in seinen Fassungen: Ein elektronisch-dialogisches Editionsmodell. (DIETER MEHL)
  • Dane, Joseph A. The Myth of Print Culture: Essays on Evidence, Textuality, and Bibliographical Method. (MILTON MCC. GATCH)
  • Errington, Philip W. John Masefield, the “Great Auk” of English Literature: A Bibliography. (STEVEN ESCAR SMITH)
  • Foot, Mirjam M., ed. Eloquent Witnesses: Bookbindings and Their History. A Volume of Essays Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Phiroze Randeria. (SAMUEL ELLENPORT)
  • Holtzenberg, Eric, and Fernando Peña. Lasting Impressions: The Grolier Club Library. (LESLIE A. MORRIS)
  • Kronick, David A. “Devant le Deluge” and Other Essays on Early Modern Scientific Communication. (STEPHEN J. GREENBERG)
  • Platzman, George W. A Descriptive Catalogue of Early Editions of the Works of Frédéric Chopin in the University of Chicago Library; and Levy, Morris S., and John Milton Ward. The King’s Theatre Collection: Ballet and Italian Opera in London, 1706–1883. (D. W. KRUMMEL)
  • Printed Catalogues of French Book Auctions and Sales by Private Treaty, 1643-1830, in the Library of the Grolier Club. (IAN JACKSON)