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Volume 97

Volume 97:1 March 2003

  • The Anonymous Rome 1522 Chrysoloras: A Newly Discovered Greek Press By STAFFAN FOGELMARK
  • What I Will: Mediating Subjects; Or, Ralph Crane and the Folio’s Tempest By VERNON GUY DICKSON
  • The Final Stages of Printing Ben Johnson’s Works, 1640-1 By EUGENE GIDDENS
  • A Narrative of the Proceedings in France: Reattributing a De-Attributed Work by Defoe By MAXIMILLIAN E. NOVAK

Bibliographical Notes

  • Where Was John Davenport’s 1669 Massachusetts Election Sermon Printed? By KEITH ARBOUR
  • From the 1818 Sale Catalogue of the Greater Portion of the Library of the Late Edmond Malone, Esq. By ARTHUR SHERBO

Review Essay

Fleeman, J. D. A Bibliography of the Works of Samuel Johnson, Treating His Published Works from the Beginning to 1984. (SHEF ROGERS)

Book Reviews

  • Cronenwett, Philip N. The Spiral Press, 1926-1971: A Bibliographical Checklist. (MARTIN W. HUTNER)
  • Edizioni fiorentine del quattrecento e primo cinquescento in Trivulziana. (PAUL F. GEHL)
  • Finkelstein, David. The House of Blackwood: Author-Publisher Relations in the Victorian Era. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Greetham, D. C. Theories of the Text. (PAUL EGGERT)
  • Krill, John. English Artists’ Paper: Renaissance to Regency. (JEFFERY BARR)
  • Malaguzzi, Francesco. Xilografie nelle edizioni piemontesi del XV e XVI secolo. (PAUL F. GEHL)
  • Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue. (WILLIAM BAKER)
  • Raven, James. London Booksellers and American Customers: Transatlantic Literary Community and the Charleston Library Society, 1748-1811. (CALHOUN WINTON)

Volume 97:2 June 2003

  • Stop-Press Variants in the Gutenberg Bible: The First Report of the Collation By MARI AGATA
  • Note on Some Fifteenth-Century Types of Johannes Koelhoff By JOSEPH A. DANE
  • The History of Lewis Carroll’s The Game of Logic By CLARE IMHOLTZ
  • A Classic Is Born: The “Childhood” of Struwwelpeter By WALTER SAUER

Book Reviews

  • Baker, William, and John C. Ross. George Eliot: A Bibliographical History. (GERLINDE RÖDER-BOLTON)
  • Burlingham, Cynthia, and Bruce Whiteman, eds. The World from Here: Treasures of the Great Libraries of Los Angeles. (ANTHONY S. BLISS)
  • Finkelstein, David, and Alistair McCleery, eds. The Book History Reader. (BARBARA A.. BRANNON)
  • Kiessling, Nicholas K. The Library of Anthony Wood. (T. H. HOWARD-HILL)
  • Rostenberg, Leona, and Madeleine B. Stern. From Revolution to Revolution: Perspectives on Publishing and Bookselling, 1501-2001. (MAUREEN BELL)
  • Slights, William W. E. Managing Readers: Printed Marginalia in English Renaissance Books. (WILLIAM BARKER)
  • Stoddard, Roger E. A Library-Keeper’s Business: Essays by Roger E. Stoddard. (JAMES N. GREEN)
  • Zach, William, ed. Mary Hyde Eccles: A Miscellany of Her Essays and Addresses. (LESLIE A. MORRIS)

Volume 97:3 September 2003

  • Medieval Literature and Early Modern Readers: Cambridge University Library Sel. 5.51-5.63 By SETH LERER
  • Shared Printing in Robert Wilson’s The Cobbler’s Prophecy (1594) By CHIAKI HANABUSA
  • Ink and Vinegar: The Authorship of A Survay of That Foolish, Seditious, Scandalous, Prophane Libell, The Protestation Protested By JASON P. ROSENBLATT
  • From Bibliotheca Boswelliana, the Sale Catalogue of the Library of James Boswell, the Younger By ARTHUR SHERBO

Review Essay

Barber, John F. The Brautigan Bibliography: Bibliographic Information Focusing on the Works of Richard Brautigan By JEFFREY P. BARTON

Book Reviews

  • Bloomfield, B. C. Philip Larkin: A Bibliography, 1933-1994. (STEVEN ESCAR SMITH)
  • Conroy, Tom. Bookbinders’ Finishing Tool Makers, 1780-1965. (SIDNEY F. HUTTNER)
  • Coupe, Robert L. M. Illustrated Editions of the Works of William Morris in English: A Descriptive Bibliography. (WILLIAM S. PETERSON)
  • Fitzgerald, Carol. The Rivers of America: A Descriptive Bibliography, Including Biographies of the Authors, Illustrators, and Editors. (JAMES R. KELLY)
  • Johnson, Arthur W. The Repair of Cloth Bindings. (JENNIFER W. ROSNER)
  • Lyons, Martyn, and John Arnold, eds. A History of the Book in Australia, 1891-1945. (ROBERT DIXON)
  • Rivers, Isabel, ed. Books and Their Readers in Eighteenth-Century England: New Essays. (PAUL J. KORSHIN)
  • Scott, Kathleen L. Dated and Datable English Manuscript Borders, c. 1395-1499. (LINNE R. MOONEY)

Volume 97:4 December 2003

  • Religion and Politics in the Market for Books: The Jesuits and Their Rivals By PAUL F. GEHL
  • Coloring Books: The Forms of Turn-of-the-Century American Literature By JEAN LEE COLE
  • Chapters of Moral History: Failing to Publish Dubliners By CLARE HUTTON
  • Patronage and Propaganda at the First Paris Press: Guillaume Fichet and the First Edition of Bessarion’s Orations against the Turks By MARGARET MESERVE

Review Essays

  • Bidwell, John. Fine Papers at the Oxford University Press. (DAVID L. VANDER MEULEN)
  • Carpenter, Kenneth E. The Dissemination of the “Wealth of Nations” in French and in France, 1776-1943. (JAMES E. MAY)

Book Reviews

  • Breman, Paul. Books on Military Architecture Printed in Venice: An Annotated Catalogue; and John Bury and Paul Breman. Writings on Architecture, Civil and Military, c.1460-1640. (PAUL W. NASH)
  • Bruccoli, Matthew J., and Park Bucker. Joseph Heller: A Descriptive Bibliography. (JUDITH RUDERMAN)
  • Curtis, Gerald. Visual Words: Art and the Material Book in Victorian England. (MARIE KOREY)
  • Furdell, Elizabeth Lane. Publishing and Medicine in Early Modern England. (PETER MURRAY JONES)
  • Millington, Roy. Stephenson Blake: The Last of the Old English Typefounders. (JAMES MOSLEY)
  • Morrison, Ian, Maureen Perkins, and Tracey Caulfield. Australian Almanacs, 1806-1930. (DES COWLEY)
  • Murray, Heather. “Come, bright Improvement!”: The Literary Societies of Nineteenth-Century Ontario. (MARY JANE EDWARDS)
  • Vizetelly & Compan(ies): A Complex Tale of Victorian Printing and Publishing. (SIMON ELIOT)