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Volume 93

Volume 93:1 March 1999

  • Book Canvassers, Mark Twain, and Hamlet’s Ghost By KEITH ARBOUR
  • “Banned in America by the U. S. Customs Officials!”: The Publication of Peter Neagoe’s Storm (1932) By JAMES ARMSTRONG
  • A “Fill-In” Job: The Textual Crux and Interrupted Printing in Thomas Middleton’s The Triumphs of Honor and Virtue By ADRIAN WEISS
  • Sales and Prices of Shakespeare First Folios: A History, 1623 to the Present (Part Two) By ANTHONY JAMES WEST

Book Reviews

  • Arbour, Keith. Canvassing Books, Sample Books, and Subscription Publishers’ Ephemera, 1833–1951, in the Collection of Michael Zinman. (THOMAS V. LANGE)
  • Fontainas, Adrienne, and Luc Fontainas. Théo van Rysselberghe: L’Ornement du livre, Catalogue raisonné. (ANNE ANNINGER)
  • Greenfield, Jane. ABC of Bookbinding: A Unique Glossary with over 700 Illustrations for Collectors and Librarians. (DAVID WHITESELL)
  • Lathem, Edward Connery, and Elizabeth French Lathem, eds. D.B.U. and R.R.: Selected Extracts from Correspondence That Passed between Daniel Berkeley Updike and Rudolf Ruzicka from 1908 to 1941. (WILLIAM S. PETERSON)
  • Manuale enciclopedico della Bibliofilia. (BERNARD ROSENTHAL)
  • Sharpe, John L. III, and Kimberly Van Kampen, eds. The Bible as Book: The Manuscript Tradition. (RICHARD GAMESON)

Volume 93:2 June 1999

  • The First Three Editions of Gilbert Burnet’s Abridgment of the History of the Reformation of the Church, Parts 1-2 By JAMES MAY
  • Thomas Middleton, Lord Barry, and The Family of Love By GARY TAYLOR, PAUL MULHOLLAND, AND MACDONALD P. JACKSON
  • From Some “Little Magazines”: The Chapbook, Others, and Coterie By ARTHUR SHERBO

Review Essay

Fredson Bowers Re-Viewed By T. H. HOWARD-HILL

Book Reviews

  • Dickinson, Donald C. Dictionary of American Antiquarian Bookdealers. (LESLIE A. MORRIS)
  • Fenwick, Gillian. George Orwell: A Bibliography. (KEITH ARBOUR)
  • Furbank, P. N., and W. R. Owens. A Critical Bibliography of Daniel Defoe. (JAMES E. MAY)
  • Gneuss, Helmut. Books and Libraries in Early England. (SCOTT GWARA)
  • Marx, William, ed. Essays in Memory of Robin Rider. (BRUCE WHITEMAN)
  • Sheppard, Jennifer M. The Buildwas Books. (JAMES WILLOUGHBY)
  • Shillingsburg, Peter L. Resisting Texts: Authority and Submission in Construction of Meaning. (JAMES L. W. WEST III)
  • West, James L. W., III. William Styron, A Life. (KEEN BUTTERWORTH)

Volume 93:3 September 1999

  • “Mancha uno alfabeto intero”: Recording Defective Book Shipments in Counter-Reformation Florence By PAUL F. GEHL
  • “Clothed with the Authority”: A Dispute over Public Printing in Colorado Territory By ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG
  • Textual Problems within the Canon of Hank Williams By THOMAS L. WILMETH

Book Reviews

  • Balston, John. The Whatmans and Wove Paper, Its Invention and Development in the West; Gaudriault, Raymond. Filigranes et autres Caractéristiques des Papiers Fabriqués en France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles. (JOHN BIDWELL)
  • Goldman, Paul. Victorian Illustration: The Pre-Raphaelites, the Idyllic School and the High Victorians. (MARIE KOREY)
  • Holderman, David. Much Labouring: The Texts and Authors of Yeats’s First Modernist Books. (RICHARD J. FINNERAN)
  • Hunter, David. Opera and Song Books Published in English, 1703-1726: A Descriptive Bibliography. (PETER WARD JONES)
  • Kallendorf, Graig W., and Maria X. Wells. Aldine Press Books at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center: A Descriptive Catalogue. (PAUL NAIDITCH)

Volume 93:4 December 1999

  • The Speculum theologie and Its Readership: Considering the Manuscript Evidence. By LYNN RANSOM
  • American Editions of Byron, 1811 to 1830. By PETER X. ACCARDO
  • Walter Scott and the Nineteenth-Century American Literary Marketplace: Antebellum Richmond Readers and the Collected Editions of the Waverley Novels. By EMILY B. TODD

Bibliographical Note

Third Addenda to Hill’s American Plays Printed 1714-1830. By ROGER E. STODDARD

Book Reviews

  • Hill, W. Speed, ed. New Ways of Looking at Old Texts, 1992-1996. (KEITH ARBOUR)
  • Pankow, David, ed. American Proprietary Typefaces. (PETER BAIN)
  • Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel. Printing on the Iron Handpress. (JOHN BARNARD)
  • Schrader, Richard J. H. L. Mencken: A Descriptive Bibliography. (FREDERICK BETZ)
  • Wächter, Wolfgang. Bücher erhalten pflegen und restaurieren. (JOCHEN R. A. TWELE)